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All week News4 Today is hosting LIVE Facebook chats so that you can get to know us a little more and we can get to know you!

I kick things off Monday.

Tom Kierein is up Tuesday, Aaron on Wednesday, Eun on Friday and Melissa wraps up the chats on Friday! Please join me Monday at 10AM ET here on NBC4′s Facebook Page!

Only on News4: Tracking Missing Planes

It is one of the greatest mysteries in the history of commercial flight. Where is Malaysia Airlines flight 370? The plane with hundreds on board has not been found in almost a year. Recent disasters have raised concerns about the ability to find planes. Only on News4 I show you a local company creating a system that tracks flights anytime, anywhere.Right now the company is working with the FAA which launched a similar satellite tracking system for the US last year. As of now.. the FAA has not said whether it will sign up for the global surveillance service.

Big announcement 6AM Monday on News4 TODAY!

Make sure you tune in Monday morning!

Snow Day

Thanks everyone for sending us your snow shots. Had fun sharing some today. Be safe, be warm. More to likely come Thursday!

Save the Date: February 21, 2015

Teen inspires DC’s Largest Poker Tourney

Kennedy Snyder has spent 11 of her 13 years fighting spinal cord cancer. Her undeniable spirit and optimism has helped her in the fight and inspired what has become the biggest charity poker tournament in Washington.

The 10th Annual Chance for Life Poker Tournament will be held February 21, 2015. Over the last 9 years the event has raised more than $1 million dollars in the fight against pediatric spinal cord cancer.
The events of the day include a silent auction, wine tasting and after party. The Chance for Life poker tournament champion will win a seat at the World Series of Poker tournament in Las Vegas. NBC4′s Doug Kammerer, Jim Vance, and Veronica Johnson have also been big supporters of the event.

Click here for tickets:

What: 10th Annual Chance for Life Poker Tournament & Wine Tasting
Where: The Sphinx Club at Franklin Square at 1315 K Street NW, Washington, DC 20005
When: February 21, 2015

Schedule of Events:
Doors Open for tourney at Noon- 8PM
Wine reception 8pm-10pm
After Party 10PM-1AM

About Chance for Life
Chance for Life was founded by Brad Nierenberg, President and CEO of Red Peg Marketing located in Alexandria, Virginia. Now in its ninth year, Chance for Life has raised nearly 1 million dollars for spinal cord tumor research since its inception in 2005. 100% of proceeds from the event benefit the Spinal Cord Tumor Association, which is a registered 501(c)3 charitable organization. For more info about the event, visit

Follow Chance For Life on twitter @ChanceforLIfe

Well this is awesome

When you do good… good things happen.

Happy New Year!

2015 is gonna be good.. we can feel it.

Merry Christmas friends!

From our family to yours!
What a great year it has truly been. Be blessed.


Sleeping Beauty Birthday Party

My daughter recently turned four and are you shocked it wasn’t a Frozen birthday party? She actually is in love with Aurora. She names her baby dolls Aurora.. she wants to dress like Aurora and she is a huge fan of the flying fairy godmothers. Adora also adores pink so it made for a fitting theme to celebrate her big 4.  Holidays have always been huge in my family and birthdays are right at the top. Another year of being here.. another year to look forward to. Birthdays… although some dread them.. think about it.. it’s really a beautiful thing. We should be thankful every time we get one ;)   As for this year’s party.. it was a true team effort. From painting the frames and making the centerpieces to deciding on desserts (glitter popcorn was a must!) Adora had a hand in almost everything. Here’s how we celebrated 4… Once upon a dream.. oh and they lived happily ever after.. I promise.
More photos here:


Oh what wonder!

One of my favorite TV shows growing up was The Wonder Years. I’m so excited to see that some of the memorabilia from the series will be featured in the Smithsonian. It arrives today and with good company. Fred Savage and cast will be there for the event! And that NY Jets jacket– of course it’s part of the display. My closest tie to the show– my sister who for all her teenage life was called Winne Cooper!

My sister!

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