Have you seen this American Flag thief?

This guy with a skateboard stole an American flag made of wood from a porch in Bethesda on Oldchester Road.. and the homeowner’s surveilance cam caught it all. Her neighbor tweeted out the video which shows the guy walk up … and takes a second or so to take the painted wood flag down. On neighbors facebook pages… there’s chatter that similar thefts have happened before in this neighborhood. If you recognize the guy.. call Montgomery County Police.
Click the photo to see the 16 second clip or watch the surveillance video here.

Common Core Ignites Online Outcry

We’re hearing from the top leader of DC schools following an outcry online over schools now using the National Common Core learning standards.  More than 7 million have seen our facebook post, more than 10 thousand of you have chimed in. The photo is from a parent… showing a math problem being added up in 2 of the 4 different ways students are expected.

DC Public Schools Chancellor Kaya Henderson told me on twitter they haven’t had complaints like those we’re seeing online. She says they’re in the process right now of designing guides that parents can use to support what kids are learning in class… at home. There is already an online guide available.

A lot  of parents expressed the difficulty of helping their kids with their homework these days.  Common core supporters recognize the frustration but say Core is appropriate and driven by research. DC and Maryland are among 44 states to adopt the annual standardized tests. Virginia has not.

Dads stares get VA girl kicked out of prom?

Did a story this morning after cries of sexism exploded on social media over this. Clare Schlaudt a 17 year old from Richmond was kicked out of her prom after being told her dress and dancing made dads there think “impure thoughts.”

A couple things up front. This was the 14th Annual Richmond Homeschool Prom and it’s held at a church. There is a dress code and according to Clare’s blog post she passed the “fingerlength” test upon entering.

It was once she got inside things got bad. After dancing with friends she says she notice a group of dads “ogling and talking amongst themselves”. Clare was grossed out. 

She says a chaperone noticed it too and said her dress and dancing caused men to think inappropiately about her… so she was kicked out. Frustrated and feeling disrespected Clare wants an apology from the Richmond Homeschool prom.

The prom’s facebook page was inundated with backlash.. here’s a screen grab of comments before they shut the page down.


ICYMI: Honoring Asian Americans & Pacific Islanders

Thanks to all of you who tuned in for our half hour special that honored local Asian Americans who are really making a positive impact where we live. In case you missed it.. don’t worry. We have all the stories up online. Here are the two that I contributed this year. The first is very inspiring. It’s a true rags to riches story about a single mom who fled Vietnam after the war and was able to overcome welfare and cancer. The second story captures a growing trend in the DC area.. the Korean Dol. It’s the 100 day celebration of life also known traditionally as the child’s first birthday. Learn the intriguing history and fun fortune ritual that takes place at these parties which we learned could cost up to $10,000!

MORE: Watch the Stories

Rosemary’s Tran Lauer: Helping Single Parents and Children in DC area

Party Trend: Korean 1st Birthday

Dr. Jill Biden Headlines 2014 Newsbabes Bash for Breast Cancer

We announced the big news at our kick-off! Dr. Jill Biden will be joining us this year for our 6th Annual Newsbabes Bash for Breast Cancer. This year we are happy to donate the night’s proceeds to SOS also known as Survivors Offering Support! It’s a local group that is deeply underfunded. In addition to our incredible host committee consisting of news women from all affiliates of news… we’ll have the return of our Newsmen in Pink!

So guys.. gals grab your pink and join us Wednesday June 11th for an unforgettable night.


Survivors get a special rate. Email me at angie.goff@nbcuni.com to ask about large group rates.

Some fun kick off photos with our supporters!


Asian American Half Hour Special Airing this Saturday

Please join me and Eun Yang this Saturday as we commemorate Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month with a 30 minute Special on NBC4. We have so many incredible Asian Americans who are making an impact where we live now. Their stories will amaze you and inspire. The Special show airs Saturday May 10th at 7:30PM. Special thanks to our sponsors Allstate Insurance and McDonald’s.

Some history.. the Library of Congress chose May for this month “to commemorate the immigration of the first Japanese to the United States on May 7, 1843, and to mark the anniversary of the completion of the transcontinental railroad on May 10, 1869. The majority of the workers who laid the tracks were Chinese immigrants.” Eun and I headed over to the beautiful residence of the Japanese Ambassador to film the show. Shout out to our producer Jason Gittlen and photographer Chester Panzer.

Some of the stories you’ll see will range from an Oakton woman with a real rags to riches story. Rosemary Tran Lauer has a true story of triumph over war, welfare and cancer after fleeing her native Vietnam and arriving in America with nothing. Eun shows us a local group that helps young people find their way in what can be a very complicated world. Just a couple of the many great stories we can’t wait to share.  Won’t you join us!



7:30 PM ON NBC4

We’ll see you then.. Angie & Eun!

Fairfax County to ban big gatherings at home?

There’s a little storm brewing in Fairfax County following a proposal to ban how many people can get together in a private home.A proposed zoning ordinance would limit groups to 49 people a day.. and such gatherings can’t happen more than 3 times in a 40 day period.
County officials said it’s in response to complaints of big gatherings in neighborhoods that have caused parking and noise problems.
County supervisor Pat Herrity says he thinks the county is risking a lawsuit.. by interfering witha peoples’ right to assemble… think church groups, sports fans etc.
He adds there were only 6 complaints last year.
What do you think? There’s a public hearing tomorrow Wednesday, May 7, 2014 from 7 – 9 p.m. at South County Government Center, 8350 Richmond Highway, Alexandria, VA 22309, in the Main Conference Room (SCC221).

Lorena Bobbitt 21 Years Later

I did two stories with Lorena Bobbitt who now lives with her family in Gainesville Virginia. We take a look at the past that made her notoriously famous and the work she’s doing now to help others in the area.

21 Years Later:

Lorena on being a mom, zumba and google:

Driverless Car Driving Around DC

Have you seen it? The Google Self Driving Car.

New evidence it’s here and zipping around the District.
Video and photos of the car driving in and about DC are popping up on instagram and twitter.
Mitch Merry posting this saying “It’s Among Us!”.
The has been spotted everywhere from our highways to Pennsylvania Avenue.
DC is a perfect place for Google as it shifts the project to busy city streets to test out hundreds of new scenarios. In a video they just released (below) … you can see the car navigating through traffic and even cyclists.DC’s dept of motor vehicles recently proposed regulations for driverless cars.
No doubt there’s things that still need work…like knowing when to turn right on red or driving on a day like today where there’s a lot of rain and more sophisticated sensors are needed. On the flip side.. google says the car can do things we can’t.. it never gets tired or distracted.

Sitting Down with Lorena Bobbitt

True story… I met Lorena Bobbitt years ago at a salon in Virginia. I needed someone to shape my eyebrows last minute and didn’t have an appointment. Lorena kindly said she would squeeze me in.. although she had an already stacked schedule doing her specialty at the time- cutting hair. Unexpectedly I was finally able to put  a face to a story that I had heard about as a young teenager while living in Korea. I mean who hadn’t? The news stories, the tabloids, the jokes.. many which  still elicit giggles today. Looking and talking with this stylist I would have never known she could be behind a story that would transfix the nation. She was soft spoken, had a sweet demeanor and a motherly sense about her.  She didn’t know who I was.. and only later in our appointment found out I worked in news. Knowing what I did.. she never put her guard  up at all. Of course I wasn’t there to ask questions and I didn’t.

After staying in touch over the years Lorena finally said yes to doing an interview with me about her life now. This after admitting she has trouble trusting reporters. This year marks 20 years since she was found not guilty. A lot has changed. Living in Gainesville Virginia she has built a family with a man who she met in college. He’s been her best friend and love of her life for the last 16 years. Together they have an 8 year old daughter, Olivia. Lorena has also found a great group of friends doing one of her favorite things- zumba. She’s leaned on them for support of her life’s mission…  helping victims of domestic violence through her foundation Lorena’s Red Wagon. Lorena confidently says she’s not a victim anymore and has decided to own the name that brought her so much notoriety.  She hopes battered women learn from her story.

I’ll report two stories starting Monday. The first will air Monday at 6pm and in it Lorena will take us back to that night in 1993 that changed her life forever. We also share some laughs about her dating life after (they were lining up!) while looking at why now she proudly says “I’m Lorena Bobbitt.”

Tuesday at 4pm is a story that highlights what this hair stylist turned real estate agent is really passionate about. We look at the work her charity has done to help shelters across Prince William County. We also see how she lost 20 pounds in 10 weeks. Lorena says mentally and physically at age 44 she’s never felt better. She’s finally branching out and even delving into social media. You’ll be surprised to see what shocked her the most after googling her name for the first time.

Follow me on twitter at  @ohmygoff for updates and other parts of our day together that didn’t make it into the story.

Lorena helping daughter Olivia with homework


Lorena lost 20 pounds in 10 weeks doing Zumba



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