Jewels of Asia

It was a night that sparkled! The Asian American Chamber of Commerce held it’s annual business awards and this year the theme was “Jewels of Asia”. It was a wonderful way to honor Asian American business leaders who have made contributions to our community. A big group of local leaders attended including Fairfax County Sheriff Stacey Kincaid and Fairfax County Supervisor Sharon Bulova. I was honored to emcee an event that really makes me proud. Shout out to Grace Han Wolf and Jenet Ahn for putting together another successful show! Photos by Joey Darley.


ARMY Mom Strong

Anyone who’s had a baby knows just how tough it can be to get back in shape. Imagine having to have to take a physical fitness test and meet a weight requirement 6 months after delivery! It’s the reality for the brave women in our military. The good news.. there’s a unique program that is helping pregnant soldiers stay fit physically and emotionally. Tune in for my story from Fort Meade Maryland this evening. It airs on News4 at 4 after Ellen!

Cybercivility Task Force Deadline

Parents.. today is the deadline to apply to be on Montgomery County Public Schools new cyber civility task force. Superintendent Joshua Starr created the campaign after getting threatening tweets from parents and students for his recent snow day decisions.
Starr hopes the campaign will open up talks between about civility on social media sites like twitter. In December Starr wrote a letter to parents saying many of the tweets directed towards him and his family were offensive and disturbing. School staff even reported them to the school systems security team.
As for interest in this new effort.. we checked and it looks like 150 people have signed up so far. If you’re interested apply on the MCPS Website. You have until 5PM today.
@317PMQ weighed in this mornings saying it’s important to to talk about what you post online with your kids saying “it starts at home, talk to your children & parents need passwords.”

Olympics are big buzz on Social

We now have a snapshot of how much the world is talking about these Winter Olympics.
Take a look at this data map from Facebook.
It shows the most popular sports for each country since the games started a week ago.
The USA is clearly all about Figure Skating.
That’s in line with what we’re seeing with our viewers who online are talking mostly about ice dancing.
This map of Europe shows the biathlon is by far the most buzzed about sport.
In this first week.. Facebook says more 24 million people have discussed the Olympics.There have been more than 48 million posts, likes and comments too.
The stats also show that 2 american snowboarders Shaun White and Jamie Anderson are among the 5 most popular athletes.
According to Twitter…more than 18.4 Million tweets since olympics started. And hashtag #sochi2014 has been tweeted almost 3 million times and is the most popular of any sochi hashtag.

Here is a map from Facebook:


Why Disney on Ice is Skate Great!

I had a night of fabulous flashbacks. I remember going to Disney on Ice as a kid when I lived in Texas. Unexpectedly I had the feelings of excitement come back when I took Adora this week. It was really weird. I found myself watching the show (which was beautiful by the way) and getting lost in song. Once again I remember what it was like when I would listen to “When you wish upon a star” and the daydreaming would set in. I haven’t felt that way in a long time. So while this was a night for Adora see her favorite friends and princesses… I found it was also one that had me traveling back in time. It was real fun to see the magic working all over again. My favorite part was the It’s a Small World act and Pinocchio. The show captivated Adora and her best friend Reese. It kept their attention even under a sugar high of cotton candy! The show runs through Monday February 17th.. you can get tickets here. Watch a sneak peak of what you’ll see here.











Hope your day is filled with it.





Snow Day!

Now that the kids are getting older.. it actually is getting more fun. We slept in and awoke to a winter wonderland outside.

IMG_6758Bob’s first time in the snow. He was licking his lips… as the flakes continued to fall

adora and bob feb14 snow IMG_6781 IMG_6779 IMG_6786 IMG_6808 IMG_6805

So I have to be honest. It was a snowman making attempt. But we settled on calling it our snowbird.  IMG_6811

Michael Sam Leans on Jason Collins

Everyone is talking about college football star Michael Sam this morning. He could be the first openly gay player in the NFL soon. We learned Sam has spent the last couple days getting advice from former Washington Wizard Jason Collins.

The veteran NBC player made headlines last April with his own public revelation.
Collins tweeted he’s spent the last 2 days with Sam and that he’s shown tremendous courage. He adds… he can’t wait to cheer for whatever lucky team drafts Sam..hoping it’s his favorite team.. The Colts.
Social media is exploding right now over this with tweets of support from celebrities and and scores of athletes. Former Miami Dolphin’s player Jonathan Martin who says he was bullied in the league wrote hats off to you.. that takes some guts #respect. Alyssa Milano said Sam willl change sports forever.
Sam told ESPN, the NYT and Outsports his teammates and coaches have known about his sexuality since August.
The NFL is also responding with open arms and a statement… saying the league admires his courage – and looks forward to welcoming and supporting him

Doggone Good Story

Great story from the Fairfax County Fire & Rescue Facebook Page. This past Monday News4 covered a 2-alarm townhouse fire in Alexandria along Richmond Highway. Units arrived to find a town house well-involved with fire. One of the two guys who lived there got out but another was trapped in a third floor bedroom. Fairfax County crews attacked the fire, threw ladders to the rear of the house and rescued the man.
But in addition to that… a total of five dogs were also found. The majority of them were Bernese Mountain Dogs. The fifth was a Corgi. Unfortunately one dog had died but the remaining four dogs were given oxygen by EMS crews and transported to the 24-hour vet hospital in Springfield. The man rescued earlier was the owner of the dog.

Tuesday Lieutenant Rick Trudeau from Fire Station 11 went back by the house to check in to see how everyone was doing. The man was very distraught, not only over the loss of his home and the injuries to his partner, but also over the situation with the dogs. Already, the emergency care bills were estimated at $6000 and growing, and he had no means to pay for that nor to take the pets back in while their owner is still in the hospital. LT Trudeau and his wife who happen to own three Bernese Mountain Dogs themselves went into action. With the help of a colleague Chuck Ryan they set up a social media effort to find temporary housing for the first of the dogs set to be released from the hospital. They also got in touch with the Potomac Valley Bernese Mountain Dog Association’s rescue coordinator. Within 2 hours of the first posting, they were able to locate a compassionate citizen who was willing to take not only one of the dogs, but all of them, as they came out of medical care. This would help tremendously as the owners tried to get their life back on track after such a tragedy of losing so much.

In addition, LT Trudeau and his wife set up a fundraising page on FB through to encourage donations to help the owners defray the very expensive emergency veterinary care for all the dogs.

What’s amazing? In 24 hours, more than $2600 has been raised!! Chuck tells me “We are hoping that by spreading the word, we can help these guys get their lives back in order. It’s bad enough that one of the dogs perished.”

This is once again an example of the power of social media. But it would’ve been impossible without the true compassion of one person.

For more information on helping the pups… visit the site.

MD Mall Shooting on Social Media

Since the first tweets went out of shots fired.. we have followed this story of the Columbia Mall Shooting on social media. This morning Howard County Executive Ken Ulman tweeted out a request.

We are also hearing from people who went to high school with the suspected shooter Darion Aguilar. Noah Sturdivant who says his locker was next to Aguilars defended his friend on twitter saying..

Aguilar graduated from Blake high school last year.
New this morning.. the school’s principal sent a letter to the community asking to keep the families affected by this incident in your thoughts and prayers. He adds for those upset.. there will be counselors to speak with at school today.

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