Social Send-Off for our Olympians

Cheer on TEAM USA Thursday using your twitter, facebook, instagram or google + accounts! As they head to Sochi to represent us at the Olympics let them know how much we’re pulling for them. In fact, do better, interact with the Olympians!

Starting Thursday January 23rd at noon EST TEAM USA’s twitter account will host a Q&A with a variety of athletes including member so fht eluger, bobsled and figure skating teams.

Don’t forget to use #GoTeamUSA as your hashtag and check out the Road to Sochi app and a social game called Pinsanity.

Track Snow Plows Where You Live

Waking up wondering when your street is gonna be plowed.
Log on to for Virginia’s digital Snow Plow Tracker. From what I can tell this morning most of the trucks are in Northern Virginia and the Fredericksburg area. Plug in your address.. and even get the option to take a look at LIVE traffic cameras around where you live.
In Maryland, on the Prince Georges County website.. you can zoom in to where you live, and using a legend you can tell what’s been salted or plowed. Montgomery County’s website has a snowmap… Just plug in your address to request service.
In the District, DC dot gov has a “Snow Response Reporting System” updated every half hour.
But note, you have to ZOOM IN on where you live and then click START and the the trucks on the map will pop up.

NBC4 Health Expo

This is my third Expo and so much fun! I got to meet many new people while hanging out with my favorite colleagues! This free event is really awesome not it’s not just a time to have fun.. It’s also a great way to get in control of your tests and screenings! Oh it’s also a good reason to eat donuts for breakfast! You can then go to the Expo and work it all off!






US Patent & Trademark Says Redskins “Derogatory”

US Patent and Trademark rejected a recent application for a trademark for “Redskins Hog Rinds”. This is the same agency that will decide if Washington can keep it’s trademark.
In a letter the patent office says it rejected this recent request from a pork rind company after an examining attorney said the name contained “a derogatory slang term”.
Looking ahead.. even if Washington lost their trademark they could still use its team name.. but just wouldn’t have protection against others from using it for things like clothing and jerseys.. etc.
Got a news release last night from the Oneida Indian Nation. They responded to this recently ruling saying the it sends a powerful message to Dan Snyder and the NFL.

All in the picture

It’s rare that my entire family gets together. My sister lives in Texas which makes visits tough. This holiday we had one of those rare chances.. a few very cherished days. My younger sister mandated we get a “Family Photo”. With freezing temps and 5 hyper active grandchildren I was bracing for a high-stress gathering. It was cold and there was some chaos as you can tell– but in the end we were all laughing and so happy that we found the time to capture this time together. Photos by Kai.

Grandkids 2

Family 2

Family 3

Ren and Chin

Mom and the Girls

SistersSuch a joker!

Daddy the thinker

Ellis Family 1

Ellis Family


Caelyn Adora







DSC_0136Photo bomb!


It’s a Tree-Tastrophy!

Mom and dad started taking down my Princess tree. I told them there’s snow outside it’s still Christmas! What were they thinking? As you can see it didn’t go over too well.

Adora putting the ornaments back on.


2014 has already been magical!

We’re only a couple days into the new year and it’s been wonderful. Spent with family and snow!







Christmas Day

It was a great morning of surprises and firsts. Have a blessed Christmas everyone!















Merry Christmas 2013 Family Photos

Merry Christmas from our family to yours! (Photos by Gayle Tiller )

IMG_7771printable to 8x12, Gayle Tiller Photography copyright


IMG_7713printable to 8x12, Gayle Tiller Photography copyright



IMG_7828printable to 8x12, Gayle Tiller Photography copyright

IMG_7826printable to 8x12, Gayle Tiller Photography copyright-2

IMG_7815printable to 8x12, Gayle Tiller Photography copyright

IMG_7818printable to 8x12, Gayle Tiller Photography copyright

H95A7502printable to 8x12, Gayle Tiller Photography copyright

H95A7496printable to 8x12, Gayle Tiller Photography copyright

H95A7436printable to 8x12, Gayle Tiller Photography copyright


H95A7457printable to 8x12, Gayle Tiller Photography copyright

H95A7418printable to 8x12, Gayle Tiller Photography copyright

H95A7467printable to 8x12, Gayle Tiller Photography copyright

#HolidayZen: What stresses you out this time of year?

This morning during the news we asked.. what stresses you out during the holidays? The question is at the core of a new study  done by the Century Council ..a local non-profit dedicated to fighting drunk driving.230 parents participated via twitter using the trending hashtag #HolidayZen.
In asking moms and dads what they thought about the holidays they found.

  • The average American spends 42 hours on holiday related activities
  • Households with children report the most stress during holidays
  • Most of us plan to travel
  • Money leads the charge in stress triggers through the holiday season

This word square shows some of the most popular things shared among parents online.. topics like baking, planning, drinking and hoilday stress were big ones.

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