A fighter’s spirit

Talk about a strong woman! Lauri Williamson lost her husband Will a month after they were married last summer. Prostate cancer took his life. She’s now hoping she can do something to keep his fighting spirit alive.

I’ll share her story tonight on News4 at 4pm. Be inspired.




VIDEO: We take the challenge

With a little help Melissa Mollet and I take the ALS Ice bucket challenge.

Get ready for an ice storm

Melissa and I accepted the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge! Aaron has no way out of being nominated in this one. Stay tuned!


Join us this Thursday from 4:30-7AM on News4 Today! We plan on having the best time #CelebratingLoudoun. I’ll be LIVE from the Birkby House at 109 Loudoun Street, SW (Park in town lot off Royal Street) from 4:30-6AM. Then from 6-7AM join me on the Town Hall Green at 25 West Market Street (park in town hall garage). We invite all our viewers to come out as we look at everything from why this is such a kid friendly county to some of the best hidden gems- Melt anyone? Oh we’ll have fun NBC4 stuff to give away too!

Good morning from NYC

Had a blast filling-in on Early TODAY and MSNBC this past week. Outstanding crew and team to be a part of!


Thank you to the great towns around DC who welcomed us the last couple weeks. From Hyattsville, Herndon to Arlington and Silver Spring– it was an absolute blast. There is so much history, culture and things to brag about for each place we  stopped in. This fun summer field trip really opened my eyes and mind… motivating me to venture out beyond my comfort zone! Check out our #CelebratingSummer seriesonline. Stay tuned for our next stop…

Look who helped us step it up while #CelebratingSilverSpring! #KappaAlphaPsi #SilverSpringNupes pic.twitter.com/3yM1REK7j1

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Onion rings shouldn't look this good in the morning… But they do. @BurgerFi #celebratingsilverspring pic.twitter.com/6zpSytODYQ

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Billboard ranked musician Marcus Johnson performing at #CelebratingSilverSpring ! pic.twitter.com/4MZQ9u45Cu

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#KappaAlphaPsi Alumni Step Team about to take the stage. Don't miss the show! #CelebratingSilverSpring pic.twitter.com/tcjOKvaMk8

— NBCWashington (@nbcwashington) July 17, 2014

We're #CelebratingArlington all day long! pic.twitter.com/aUwKLcwAIL

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#CelebratingHerndon and #CeleratingSummer with @Jimmys_Tavern! @OhMyGOFF pic.twitter.com/7JzeD47ZAP

— Amelia Segal (@ameliasegal) July 10, 2014

So lucky to have a blast from the past show up! I was @chuckecheese for my 1st Job in Herndon! #CelebratingHerndon pic.twitter.com/3uSlJfUFKM

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#Herndon is becoming a home for the arts! @gracehanwolf takes us to @artspaceherndon next! We're #CelebratingHerndon pic.twitter.com/r0SY0ZGRC7

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Rise ‘n’ Shine America!

Hope you all had a wonderful and safe 4th! See you back on the air Tuesday on News4 Today if I can manage to get out of these incredibly stylish and comfortable #July4thJammies! (and yes my husband is a saint)

Summer Challenge: Suit Up Ladies

I came across a blog post by a mom that was titled “Put on That Swimsuit“.
A couple things happened immediately. I saw a photo, full body, close up, untouched of the mom Jessica laughing on the beach with her kids and it made me smile.

Jessica Turner with her children

Then about four lines into the blog I wanted to cry.

Jessica talked about the one choice us moms have every summer: To put on a swimsuit or not. Many she points out choose the latter.

How many mom friends do you have that go to the pool with their kiddos but never get in? They might dabble their toes in the water but don’t dare bare the suit because they’re worried about what somebody might think of their body.

“Or they go to the beach, but stay under the umbrella instead of running into the ocean.

“It makes me incredibly sad.” Jessica writes.

Jessica really struck a chord when she talked about how this insecurity is not only a bad message for our children but above all.. makes us miss out on precious moments.

As a blogger myself.. I started to think of my trips to the beach since I had my first child 3 years ago. I went back and searched my posts… and what I found was disheartening.

Adora with her dad

A post from 2011 was titled “Summer fun.. first swim” and it showed pictures of my 7 month old daughter Adora getting her first wade in a pool. My husband was holding her there.. as he has for the last three years everytime we go to the beach or a pool.

It made me realize I have no hands-on memory of that moment.. helping her float, watching her fat fingers and toes touch and kick the water for the first time. I was on the sidelines. I didn’t realize it at the time I did something Jessica wrote about in her story. I let the swimsuit define me. Define me on days that I can’t get back.

I love the challenge she has put out to us moms this summer: Put on that suit. Easier said then done right? I agree.. but encourage you to read on. Struggling with her own insecurities she really proves we have the power to change our mindset and into that one piece or bikini:

I refuse to miss my children’s high-pitched, pool-induced giggles because of my insecurities.

I refuse to let other women’s judging eyes at the pool prevent me from exposing their eyes to the wonder the sun glittering on the water.

I refuse to let my self-image influence my children’s.

I refuse to sacrifice memories with my children because of a soft tummy.

Because at the end of the day, it is not about me.

It is about my kids.

I want them to remember twirling in the water with their mom.

I want them to remember splash fights together.

I want them to remember jumping off the edge of the pool into my arms.

I want them to remember that their mom was there, with them.

Today, I hope to encourage you to push your insecurities aside. Put on that bathing suit. Run through the sprinkler. Jump in the pool. Splash.

Have fun.

Your child will remember those moments and your freedom – not how you looked in your swimming suit.

I am among thousands who have already shared her courageous post with other friends. Jessica tells me that the feedback has been incredible and inspiring. Within just a couple days her message has reached more than a million through social media…. impacting generations of women.

For so long I’ve used being scared of jelly fish as an excuse not to jump into the ocean.
With our family beach trip approaching… I think it just might be time to face my real fear.


Moving on after Mental Illness

With Dana at PRS' DC Recovery Academy

I am so proud of NBC4 and it’s commitment to cover mental health through it’s Changing Minds campaign. This is an issue that is very personal and close to my heart and family. Having the chance to cover the subject is rewarding because I know there is an enormous demand for information and resources. I hope that people and families dealing with mental illness will see there are places to turn to during recovery.

MORE: PRS Services in DC Area

The story I share below is that of a 30 year old woman from Southeast DC who experienced her first phase of psychosis at age 16. Dana Ebiasah has bipolar disorder. Through the help of free resources she has found in DC she is taking the next step to move on with her life. Medication and therapy can only do so much. We show you a place that is helping rebuild life skills while providing resources to help people get back on their feet and back to work and school.

Bob’s Neverland 1st Birthday Party

“To live will be an awfully big adventure.” ~ Peter Pan

As Baby Bob turned one we thought it’d be fun to encourage everyone to “never grow up” at least for a day. While this milestone is one to celebrate it’s a reminder of just how fast time really does fly by.  At Bob’s Neverland more than dreams were born. There was face paint, balloons, Tinkerbell and even a real baby alligator! A magical day indeed.


Prop Neverland ArchWhimsical cake by Edibles Incredibles joe pix4Look closely and you’ll see this sign has very special meaning!IMG_2283IMG_1305.JPG


IMG_1268Fresh Bakes made the beautiful and playful desserts!




joe pix2

joe pix




IMG_1178Adora helped me stuff the goody bags.IMG_1265

IMG_1254Mom’s friend Vi Hannett designed this personalized map so guests would know where to find everything at the party! Look for etsy shop Viva Designs soon!IMG_1273Mini hotdogs and beef skewers from Saint Germain Catering!IMG_2335 Pizza bites!IMG_2334Uncles Joe & RichardIMG_2458








NL tableYou know they say “When the first baby laughed for the first time, its laugh broke into a thousand pieces, and they all went skipping about, and that was the beginning of fairies.”IMG_2368Adora  filled the mason jars aka fairy house with moss. We dropped a fairy in each and glued a butterfly on top. We made one for all the girls at the party. The best part was when she stopped and said “Mom I LOVE helping you!”







NL Pixie Hollow


20140531_133803Indian CampIMG_2400



IMG_2373Scary things at Hook’s Cove. Some trivia for you! What is Captain Hook’s Real name?


The answer is Killian Jones– He was nicknamed Hook when a croc ate his hand!

IMG_2370 Plenty of stuff to arm yourself with! IMG_2293

jenny k



IMG_2343 It wasn’t long before things got REALIMG_1311.JPGYep that’s an albino Boa Constrictor!IMG_2539

IMG_1364 Reptiles Alive brought a Baby Alligator too!IMG_2531What is THAT!IMG_1226

IMG_1248Special thanks to Joey Darley for the awesome pix!





IMG_2453 Loved having my AOII sisters from college join us with their kiddos!IMG_2620




























graham and andrew





20140531_133832 20140531_133740






IMG_1210 (1)


IMG_2629Before the party we went to one of our favorite most magical places.. Meadowlark Park! IMG_0714





IMG_0673All of this has happened before, and it will all happen again. ~Peter Pan


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