Fairfax County to ban big gatherings at home?

There’s a little storm brewing in Fairfax County following a proposal to ban how many people can get together in a private home.A proposed zoning ordinance would limit groups to 49 people a day.. and such gatherings can’t happen more than 3 times in a 40 day period.
County officials said it’s in response to complaints of big gatherings in neighborhoods that have caused parking and noise problems.
County supervisor Pat Herrity says he thinks the county is risking a lawsuit.. by interfering witha peoples’ right to assemble… think church groups, sports fans etc.
He adds there were only 6 complaints last year.
What do you think? There’s a public hearing tomorrow Wednesday, May 7, 2014 from 7 – 9 p.m. at South County Government Center, 8350 Richmond Highway, Alexandria, VA 22309, in the Main Conference Room (SCC221).

Lorena Bobbitt 21 Years Later

I did two stories with Lorena Bobbitt who now lives with her family in Gainesville Virginia. We take a look at the past that made her notoriously famous and the work she’s doing now to help others in the area.

21 Years Later:

Lorena on being a mom, zumba and google:

Driverless Car Driving Around DC

Have you seen it? The Google Self Driving Car.

New evidence it’s here and zipping around the District.
Video and photos of the car driving in and about DC are popping up on instagram and twitter.
Mitch Merry posting this saying “It’s Among Us!”.
The has been spotted everywhere from our highways to Pennsylvania Avenue.
DC is a perfect place for Google as it shifts the project to busy city streets to test out hundreds of new scenarios. In a video they just released (below) … you can see the car navigating through traffic and even cyclists.DC’s dept of motor vehicles recently proposed regulations for driverless cars.
No doubt there’s things that still need work…like knowing when to turn right on red or driving on a day like today where there’s a lot of rain and more sophisticated sensors are needed. On the flip side.. google says the car can do things we can’t.. it never gets tired or distracted.

Sitting Down with Lorena Bobbitt

True story… I met Lorena Bobbitt years ago at a salon in Virginia. I needed someone to shape my eyebrows last minute and didn’t have an appointment. Lorena kindly said she would squeeze me in.. although she had an already stacked schedule doing her specialty at the time- cutting hair. Unexpectedly I was finally able to put  a face to a story that I had heard about as a young teenager while living in Korea. I mean who hadn’t? The news stories, the tabloids, the jokes.. many which  still elicit giggles today. Looking and talking with this stylist I would have never known she could be behind a story that would transfix the nation. She was soft spoken, had a sweet demeanor and a motherly sense about her.  She didn’t know who I was.. and only later in our appointment found out I worked in news. Knowing what I did.. she never put her guard  up at all. Of course I wasn’t there to ask questions and I didn’t.

After staying in touch over the years Lorena finally said yes to doing an interview with me about her life now. This after admitting she has trouble trusting reporters. This year marks 20 years since she was found not guilty. A lot has changed. Living in Gainesville Virginia she has built a family with a man who she met in college. He’s been her best friend and love of her life for the last 16 years. Together they have an 8 year old daughter, Olivia. Lorena has also found a great group of friends doing one of her favorite things- zumba. She’s leaned on them for support of her life’s mission…  helping victims of domestic violence through her foundation Lorena’s Red Wagon. Lorena confidently says she’s not a victim anymore and has decided to own the name that brought her so much notoriety.  She hopes battered women learn from her story.

I’ll report two stories starting Monday. The first will air Monday at 6pm and in it Lorena will take us back to that night in 1993 that changed her life forever. We also share some laughs about her dating life after (they were lining up!) while looking at why now she proudly says “I’m Lorena Bobbitt.”

Tuesday at 4pm is a story that highlights what this hair stylist turned real estate agent is really passionate about. We look at the work her charity has done to help shelters across Prince William County. We also see how she lost 20 pounds in 10 weeks. Lorena says mentally and physically at age 44 she’s never felt better. She’s finally branching out and even delving into social media. You’ll be surprised to see what shocked her the most after googling her name for the first time.

Follow me on twitter at  @ohmygoff for updates and other parts of our day together that didn’t make it into the story.

Lorena helping daughter Olivia with homework


Lorena lost 20 pounds in 10 weeks doing Zumba



No Tears!

Bob’s first official Easter Bunny photo and no tears from him or big sister.
In fact.. I think she thinks people were there to take pictures with her.

Bob and Adora (10 months and 3 years old)







The Golden Egg

One of our family’s favorite holidays is Easter.  We got the kids together for some old fashion Easter photos. We’ll see how they do when they meet Mr. Easter Bunny!  Adora is 3… and no longer scared of Santa so this gives me hope.
img_9753 img_9743 img_9747










On picture day…she was a little obsessed with the golden egg.






100 students, 1000 explicit pictures

As a parent and big supporter of social media stories like this put me in a tough spot. Police just busted an Instagram sex ring that spans 6 counties in my state. More than 100 teens were involved and more than 1,000 risque or nude photos posted. The scandal was brought to light after a parent noticed their 15 year old posting inappropriate pictures on instagram.
Police started inviestigating and that led to finding accounts linked to a third party website where the photos showed up. The youngest featured on this site.. 14 years old.
So far more than 20 phones of the teens have been seized but no charges pressed yet. Yep, I said charges. Possessing pictures of minors is child porn people. It’s a felony. Although sexting may be common among teens these days.. .it’s dangerous and this is a good reminder it could land you in trouble with the law.

Egg hunt and marshamallow harvest

Great Country Farms did it again! Another beautiful weekend for an old fashion egg hunt and peeps marshmallow harvest! Adora had a great time looking for eggs. Bob got to meet the Easter Bunny for the first time. We roasted marshmallows and hitched a ride on the cow train. This is such a fun family tradition! The farm is now open daily 10am-5pm in April. If you missed the egg hunt.. the Strawberry Jubilee in May is always really fun and worth the drive.
















Leukemia Ball Raises $3 Million

WHOA! What a monster night of giving. It was incredible to see the best of our community at work. Supporters of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society showed up Saturday night ready to give. They exceeded our expectations helping raise more than $3 million dollars to fund the fight against blood cancer.
A touching part of the night.. when Redskins Hall of Famer Bobby Mitchell was honored and revealed he just lost his best friend to the disease. I think there were tears in just about everybody’s eyes. We also met the sweet patient ambassadors Logan, Tyler and Brianna. These children remind us there is hope for a cure.. not someday but today.
Special shout out to my co-emcees Comcast SportsNet’s Julie Donaldson, FOX5′s Sarah Simmons and ABC7′s Eileen Whelan. It was an honor to share the stage with such grounded and generous women in our biz. It was pretty cool to see some of our peacock family in the house too– thanks Dianna and Vance!
Comedian Ryan Hamilton was very funny… and what can I say about Huey Lewis and the News. It was obvious with the standing room– the heart of rock’n'roll had arrived at the Washington Convention Center that night. If you came out to support or have ever made a donation to LLS… thank you.

Photos by Imijination Photography

Sweet taste of Spring

Families get a sweet taste of Spring while helping others! Dozens of parents and their kids gathered at Wildfire Restaurant  at Tysons Galleria for a Spring Cookie Making and Decorating Class benefiting a good cause.  Adora helped me with the hosting duties. The interactive playdate was led by Executive Chef Eddie Ishaq who showed the kids how to make cookies. The children then took on the fun duty of decorating. Congratulations to our top decorators Elsa, Elizabeth and Zachariah! A portion of the proceeds went to Food for Others the largest distributor of free food serving people in Northern Virginia!


Cookie Making on News4 Today!

Cookie Making Class at Wildfire 2014 from OhMyGOFF on Vimeo.





The “who can keep their hands on the wall the longest” game.


















Post cookie making dinner with News4 Mammas!!


Oh did we mention it was like 70 degrees outside!!



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