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Get ready for an ice storm

Melissa and I accepted the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge! Aaron has no way out of being nominated in this one. Stay tuned!

Sweet delivery

Valentine’s Day came early for the News4 morning crew.  What says I love working with you at ungodly hours like beautiful Valentine’s Day cupcakes for breakfast! Yes it’s true.. we eat anything at this hour. The little treats were dropped off by The Cupcake Delivers from Fairfax!

GUILTY: Aaron swipes two

Sweet Eun and Matt Stawarz

Matt Glassman shows the love & has matching tie

Luanne scores the popular peanut-butter cupcake

Producer Charlitta in Valentine red.. digs in

NBC4 Holiday Party

People packed the house for the Peacock!  The NBC Washington holiday party was rockin’ at Redwood Restaurant in Bethesda. DJ Chris Styles had staff from NBC News and NBC4 on the dance floor all night. It was so nice to have a chance to celebrate the season with colleagues.

Morning peeps prove they can hang at night! Aaron Gilchrist, Eun Yang, Brandon Benavides, Danella Sealock and Robert Kang

Sweet Barbara Harrison and makeup maven Nikki Fraser

Anne Trabandt and Matt Glassman get their geek on!

Darcy Spencer and Eun!

News4 Today Witnesses Teddy’s Historic Win!

Wow what a Wednesday it’s been. We had a historic day at Nationals Park with the News4 Today morning team. TEDDY finally won (see my video here) the race and in the end the Nats took the game. The energy in the stadium was awesome. Now on to the playoffs!

Showing Nats pride: Eun Yang, Brian Callahan, Kevin (our newest producer), Me, Ben, Melissa Mollet, Scott Eisenhuth, Charlitta Rodrigues, Aaron Gilchrist

Jumbo love for us!

Brandon Benavides brought his beautiful family!

Steve Harvey Settles DC AM Anchor War

This is just good TV! Steve Harvey settles the ongoing “hairspray war” between News4 Today anchors Eun Yang and Aaron Gilchrist. Special thanks to Danella for heading to Chicago and getting the expert to fix this problem! Steve Harvey’s new show airs on NBC4 starting Sept 4th at 2pm!

View more videos at:

News4 Today at Nats Park

Talk about team spirit. You know it’s high when everyone has to be at work before midnight or shortly after and they still show up for an all-day affair at Nats Park!

BR: Danella Sealock, Brian Callahan, Social Chair Scott Eisenhuth, SR: John Wist, Ryan Sprouse, Charlitta Rodrigues, Jackie Bradford FR: Brandon Benavides, Angie Goff, Matt Stawarz

Three’s a crowd!

Rockin’ the red with Danella

John Wist and wife!

Proof that one bad apple doesn’t spoil the whole bunch (even when they beat us)

Spirit fingers with Charlitta and Aaron Gilchrist

A retirement loving Joe Krebs shows the love. Here with NBC4 GM Jackie Bradford


Gay Oreo lands us in the Colbert Report

Sweet! Aaron Gilchrist and I make the Colbert Report.


Ice Ice Baby: Washingtonian Magazine shoot

Recently I gathered with some other fun local morning news personalities to do an ice coffee taste test for Washingtonian Magazine. We can beg to differ when it comes to the best bean.. but we all agree with our wake-up call (before 3AM) old precious joe is crucial.  The results of our taste test of area coffee is in the Washingtonian’s July issue which features the “Best of Washington.”   The magazine did a fun behind-the-scenes video of the shoot too.

L-R: ABC7's Steve Chenevey, NBC4's Angie Goff, NBC4's Aaron Gilchrist, FOX5's Sarah Simmons and WUSA9's Andrea Roane

Spider attacks anchors on set

Far from itsy bitsy… this spider surprised me and Aaron Gilchrist during this morning’s newscast.

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12 year old jewelry maker writes book

You know that Verizon commercial where Susie turns her lemonade stand into an empire. Well meet the real life little Susie. Her name is Gabrielle Williams and she’s from Prince George’s County. This girl will wow you. She started her own jewelry line at age 7, has already written a book and is also a motivational speaker. Oh and she’s 12! Gabrielle Williams joins me and Aaron Gilchrist on set to talk about following your dream and what she has planned next.

View more videos at:

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