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On Stage Now!

The Spring has welcomed some wonderful productions for the kiddos in our area. We just ventured to the charming Glen Echo Park to see Adora’s favorite story James and the Giant Peach. The production is showing through April 5th at Adventure Theater. More information here. It’s really a darling show with wonderful costumes and a lively cast. Adora loved meeting some of her favorite pests… Miss Spider.. Mr Centipede… the Grasshopper! I love the intimacy of this small theater. Note it’s about 75 minutes and there’s no intermission. Bathroom breaks are no problem.. just leave after a number and you’ll be escorted back in. Afterwards… it’s fun to let the kids play at the park’s playground.

This week we’re excited to see another fave.. Annie. The show is playing at the National Theatre.


Here’s a sampling of the performance!




Steamy OR Scary.. New Tiger Pix?

WUSA’s Kristin Fisher reported this during her what’s hot on the web report Tues morning.  These so called hot shots of the pro golfer were taken by famed photographer Annie Leibovitz  for this month’s Vanity Fair. They were taken before his admitted “transgressions”.  I honestly think he looks scary.

Steamy or Scary?

Steamy or Scary?

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