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Dining app helps make decision with discount

There’s a new restaurant app in the DC area gaining popularity among diners. It’s called Spotluck and with a spin it helps you decide where to eat and always gives you a discount.

Social Send-Off for our Olympians

Cheer on TEAM USA Thursday using your twitter, facebook, instagram or google + accounts! As they head to Sochi to represent us at the Olympics let them know how much we’re pulling for them. In fact, do better, interact with the Olympians!

Starting Thursday January 23rd at noon EST TEAM USA’s twitter account will host a Q&A with a variety of athletes including member so fht eluger, bobsled and figure skating teams.

Don’t forget to use #GoTeamUSA as your hashtag and check out the Road to Sochi app and a social game called Pinsanity.

JFK 50 App remembers & celebrates

As the nation prepares to remember President John F. Kennedy’s assassination that took place in Dallas 50 years ago this November 22, our sister station KXAS in Dallas has made available rare archival footage of JFK’s 1963 visit in a new iPhone app. Through the station’s extensive archives, the app offers unique historical insight into events leading up to and surrounding that tragic day.

The JFK 50: NBC 5 Remembers app, available for download now in the App Store here , features extensive video content, including archival station footage of President Kennedy’s trip to Fort Worth and Dallas and the chaotic days after the shots were fired at Dealey Plaza. When the President was shot, the station broke into programming and stayed on the air for three days. Among the app’s content is video from the Dallas Police Headquarters on the day Jack Ruby fatally shot Lee Harvey Oswald, which was broadcast live from a camera operated by a station engineer.

In addition to the video, users can explore interactive maps retracing the route of the Presidential motorcade on the day of the assassination and Oswald’s escape path, noting important points along the way. The app also includes a special timeline detailing the events of each day in Dallas from November 21 to November 27, 1963, paired with corresponding articles and videos to transport the user to the seven days surrounding the President’s trip to Texas. Within the app, various other sections explore JFK’s legacy, the Kennedy family and the major figures and landmarks of the 1960s as well as video of key speeches delivered by President Kennedy.

The app also offers users the opportunity to live stream the ceremony taking place in Dallas on November 22, 2013 to mark the anniversary.

Cool Site: Share any event like never before!

Whether it’s a fundraiser, workplace happy hour or maybe a baby shower your throwing for someone there’s a must have site you need! I checked in with some ladies trying out the site They say it’s making their events mobile in a matter of seconds! Sharing the 411 has never been easier. lets you create a mobile app version of the entire event in just seconds. Log in, add event info and click on publish, thats it!

“No more friends calling and asking for turn by turn directions or numerous text messages to different phones. Kojami brings everything we need for any family or friends events to one place and on my mobiile phone with photos to share and enjoy” says Angela E, from South Orange New Jersey.

Pamela in Odenton Maryland says “With the instant RSVP feature I know how many people are coming, when they’re coming and if they’re on their way. And I check all this using my IPhone or IPAD. This helps me plan better for our family events leading to the event day”

Antonice Strickland, who just moved in from Detroit Michigan uses it to plan girls night out with her sorority sisters. She loves sharing photos from the past before everyone meets up! She says “It is so easy to use from my computer or tablet!”

We’ve had success with one of our events too. Last year.. it was great for the DC Newsbabes Bash for Breast Cancer. We posted past pictures and video, directions and ticket sales all in one place! People loved it!
What’s ahead… there’s a new IPhone, IPAD and Android app coming with many more features. For now, go to when planning the next event!

FAKE: MCPS launches School App


Just heard from MCPS and apparently this is NOT their app. They’re looking into who made it. They pointed out that they’ve worked on making a very mobile friendly site:

MCPS says no one should pay for this app.. it appears the company scraped public information off their site to make it.



Beyond Facebook and Twitter

Sitting on my panel and staring out in the crowd and seeing people standing.. sitting on the floor.. that’s an awesome sight. It tells me that journalists are eager to find ways to connect with their viewers and readers in news ways. I loved sharing the stage with Yahoo’s social media director Angela Kim and NPR’s Elise Hu. We stayed away from sharing theories about social media and really tried to focus on some great tools to use or experiement with when reporting. Here you go:
Some tools we use:
Social Cam App– it’s free and allows you to share video and even add filters, chyrons and music. Think instagram for video. I use this when in the field reporting.. and on the desk during commercial break. I took this right before our panel started.
Public News Service– great way to find interesting story ideas from the people
VYou– let the people ask you question and you respond via video
Every Block– Free app with city documents, rentals, hyper local news, crime blotter
Jing– great app for capturing screen shots
reeldirector App- it’s final cut pro on your iPhone or iPad. I love this.
Pinterest– find a way to get your station/paper using this. The power of the repine has already been big!
To all who came out and asked great questions.. thank you!

New Mobile App KOJAMI Improves Social Life

Some like to call me a social butterfly but for anyone who knows me well knows working the DC scene is just that- work. Whether I’m hosting an event or covering it time and information gathering isso valuable. I am a big fan of anything that eases the process of getting somewhere and tracking down all the vitals of the event. That’s why I’m so excited about the launch of a new mobile app called KOJAMI. This app created by Keadworks helps you find any type of event just by using your phone. You can purchase tickets, rsvp, navigate, share pics and video all in one spot. I’m convinced it’s gonna change how DC does the scene.

MORE: Keadworks advice on Social Media Marketing

KOJAMI is the new app out from Keadworks. One of Keadworks’ clients Becky’s Fund has had great success trying out the app. Look for other area businesses like O’Neill Studios, Jamachi Plastic Surgery and Med Spa and personalities like DJ Neekola to be using it more.

On a personal note… I have had great success with Keadworks. They custom made my site exactly how I wanted it and are always available when I have questions or want to make changes. Feel free to call Keadworks with any web,marketing or social media marketing questions. Their free sessions come with refreshments at their new Downtown Silver Spring Office.

Dining Deals: VENGA Launches in DC

Power players in sports and politics gathered at the launch of new Smartphone APP Venga. The party was held at the newly opened Fiola restaurant downtown. Venga claims to cut through the clutter allowing local restaurants and bars to send you exclusive offers on dining and nightlife in the District. Read more about the event here.

Winston Bao Lord with David Gregory and Ryan Zimmerman

Help: Make App to end Abuse, Free Beer too!

If so WE NEED YOU NOW more than EVER!

Refresh Project: Vote for Becky’s Fund Here

Each month, the Pepsi Refresh Project gives away $50,000 to groups to help fund great ideas with positive impact — and Becky’s Fund is looking for your votes to win! The 50k will go towards creating the first customized domestic violence phone application. Not only will it educate people about domestic violence but it will have access to resources for help, the nearest hospitals and shelters, the ability to reach police and text contacts ASAP as well as a photojournal for injuries. If you’d like to help out Becky’s Fund, you can vote until the end of the month through the Refresh Project website or text 101506 to 73774.

Don’t forget to join Becky’s Fund Thursday night Aug 5th at the Mighty Pint at 1831 M Street, NW Washington, for our PEPSI Refresh Voting Happy Hour from 6 – 8:30 – we will be serving you a free beer for your vote!

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