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Co-Worker Christmas Gifts… Get Personal

I love my co-anchors. They really are like family. I was trying to find the perfect gift when I was inspired by two people who work in morning TV and always look like they’re having a lot of fun. After I saw Hoda & Kathie Lee reveal their new mugs.. with their mugs on them.. the light bulb went off!
I started searching for caricature and graphic artists in our area who could do the job. That’s when I discovered the super talented Neal Jones. I literally sent him an iPhone pic and voila he sketched and then inked this awesome caricature of the weekend morning crew. I love the detail.. everything from Chuck’s OU mug to Richard’s mic clip.

In return… I got some great gifts. Chuck.. who is worried I may be rushed to the ER because I have glass in my ear.. got me a bullet proof smarphone case.

Richard looking ahead to 2013 got us matching team shirts for our future ping pong tourney at NBC4. Don’t mess with Team Rangie! He also got me a nice cuff and jewelry box– which is great considering I’m still using a shoe box for my baubles.

Earlier in the week.. we got the crew together and did a yummy McDonald’s breakfast! Nothing says I appreciate you more than egg mcmuffins, hashbrowns and hot coffee!  In a newsroom where everyone has an opinion on everything.. one thing we can agree on is our love for food. It’s been an awesome year and I’m so grateful for my colleagues and friends. Happy Holidays from all of us at NBC4.

Our morning peeps who make it happen: Kevin Williams, Josh Kranzberg, Seth Lemon and Naomi Staneski

McDonald’s Jessie Flynn and Kimberly Scott

Artomatic will wow you

11 stories of nonstop creativity at the huge Crystal City location this year:. That’s what you’ll find at Artomatic 2012. It is really an amazing concept. More than 1,300 of our area’s most talented are showcased at the month long arts festival. I recently shot a show there for our Nonstop channel but plan to air some of the good stuff we got on our Saturday morning show at 9AM. Saturday night there’s a special Meet the Artist opportunity. I had the chance to interview a few of them. Frank Warren… the man behind the Post Secret concept that has exploded (and was founded at Artomatic in 2004) will be there.. and with more secrets! Artomatic runs through June 23rd.Tune in for our NBC Nonstop Scene special from Artomatic on June 11th at 10:30pm. You can watch the Nonstop channel on Comcast 208, VZ FIOS 460 or on COX 803.

Wednesdays and Thursdays: noon – 10 pm
Fridays and Saturdays: noon – 1 am
Sundays: noon – 5 pm
Closed Mondays and Tuesdays

Where: 1851 S. Bell St. in Crystal City, a block from Metro

Some behind-the-scenes video of our Nonstop Scene DC shoot with Jason Gittlen and Leslie Berkowitz

Interviewing artistic husband and wife- Matt Sesow and Dana Ellyn

Trinka Margua Simon uses donated house paint to create a mural that will be washed away at the end of the show.

Because the Crystal City building hosting Artomatic is set for demolition this summer… the owners have allowed the artist to take off all the doors. This bar table (yes there are happy hours at Artomatic) is one way they made creative use of the wood.

Secret rockstar Frank Warren of … shows me some of his favorite secrets mailed to him over the last 7 years. He recently spoke at TED Talks in California.

Fine Art for as low as $100

Looking for some fine art for the home or the office? The Greater Reston Arts Center (GRACE) will present it’s popular C-Note Art Sale. We’re talking more than 300 pieces of original artwork by notable artists going for as low as $100.

Potential buyers can preview the works available during gallery hours between Sept 9-15th. On Thursday, the 15th at 5pm guests will line up to buy the art right off the walls!

Available artworks include pieces made exclusively for this event by stone sculptor David Petlowany, painter Connie Slack, watercolor artist Dana Ann Scheurer, printmaker Joseph Craig English and fiber artist Candiss Cole. The sale will also feature contemporary ceramic pieces by Ann Batton and Thomas Clarkson, colorful mixed media pieces by local favorites Ann Barbieri, Laurie Fields and Gina Cochran. Sophisticated jewelry pieces by Geoffrey Giles, Caroline Viene, and Erica Zap. As well as exciting hand pulled prints by Stephanie George and Paula Wachsstcok and fantastic photographs by award winning artists Catherine Day, Marie Gruber and Laura Howell.

The sale of the artwork will continue during extended gallery hours on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, September 16 – 18, 2011. The fundraiser supports GRACE’s exhibitions, educational programing and the participating artists – many of whom are donating their entire portion of the sale of their work to GRACE.

What: Annual C-Note Art Sale
Who: Greater Reston Arts Center
Where: Reston Town Center – 12001 Market Street, Suite #103, Reston, VA 20190
Preview Artwork: 11am – 5pm Friday, September 9-14, 2011, 11am – 4pm Thursday, September 15, 2011

Sale Begins: 5pm – 8pm, Thursday, September 15
Sale Continues: 11am-8pm Friday, September 16 and 11am-5pm Saturday, September 17 & Sunday, September, 18

Cost: Event is free. No tickets required.

Scholarship for inspiring business women

Are you an inspiring entreprenuer? Need a little extra cash to jump start your website?

MORE: Apply Now for Scholarship

Well here’s a solution. The Chris Lelay Scholarship is in memory of Chris Lelay, Savoir Faire Media’s Natalie Lambert’s mother, who was always pushing the boundaries of women in the workplace. She was a very hard worker, managing multiple jobs from the age of 16.

Eligible candidates must a be female, 25 years old or under. Must have a valid business license in the state in which they are looking to begin their business.  Must provide a documented business plan, and photos/samples of their product or service.

What you win:

  • Logo Design – up to 6 concepts, 2 revisions
  • Business Card Design – 2 revisions
  • HTML Website – Up to 5 pages
  • Domain Name
  • Email Account (10 gig of storage)
  • First Year Annual Hosting – (2nd year and beyond $60 per year)
  • One hour business strategy and development
  • 25% Discount on any additional services purchased (within 30 days of Scholarship)

Recent winner,, actually got called by Cupcake Wars after the press release went out and is a final contender. It could be great exposure and most importantly, help a young, savvy entreprenuer get started.

ArtJamz: Inspiration ranges from personal to public

The great artist Pablo Picasso once said… “‘I paint objects as I think them, not as I seem them.'”

Unleashing all that’s inside is the idea behind a series of painting parties in the District. Professional and novice artists were invited to get creative at ArtJamz at the Lamont Bishop Gallery in DC’s Shaw corridor.

One artist says she painted her zodiac with her birthday coming up… another showed us her painting of Japan.

Follow ArtJamz on Facebook to see where the next party is

Lincoln: A President who's Poppin'

By Leigh Macdonald

Tomorrow evening, I’m hitting one of the hottest new night-out scenes in D.C.

Meet ArtJamz: an uncommonly creative concept by Michael M. Clements, Executive Editor of Washington Life Magazine. Last June, Clements launched ArtJamz, the first for-profit production of Genki Media LLC. Genki is a combination of the Japanese characters “Gen” and “Ki,” and it means “happy and healthy condition.” Well . . . by all accounts, it seems that Clements—through his wildly popular ArtJamz series—is indeed making meaningful strides toward the happy and healthy condition of Washingtonians.

What is ArtJamz? It’s open to anyone, online registration is easy, and ArtJammers needn’t bring a thing since Clements provides all needed materials. Indeed, upon arrival, you’ll receive a canvas (already set up on an easel, of course), paint, and materials. For the next few hours, you’ll enjoy wine, soft drinks, hors d’oeuvres, great music, and an artsy ArtJamz host. All the while, you and your fellow ArtJammers will be creating your very own original works of art. “Whoa!” you say, “I’m not an artist.” Not to worry . . . the ArtJamz sessions bring out the creative juices in even the most uncreative souls.

This weekend, ArtJamz is hosting its Lincoln Sessions. The Lincoln Sessions will take place on the 10th, 11th and 12th and will give ArtJammers a sneak peek at the highly anticipated opening of Lincoln Restaurant. Lincoln is owned and operated by Hudson Restaurant owner Alan Popovsky, and the destination will feature pop art from local artist, Maggie O’Neill.

At each of the three Lincoln Sessions, Maggie will paint alongside ArtJammers. February 10th is an invite-only affair aimed to bring in a who’s who of creative District influencers. The 11th and 12th sessions are open to anyone. By the way, Feb 12 is Abe Lincoln’s birthday, and I can’t imagine a better way to celebrate honest Abe than with ArtJamz at the city’s newest and most creative restaurant concept.

Watch Angie’s previous report on Artjamz on WUSA9’s Morning Show below:

To hang or not to hang: Nursery Painting Controversy

I am a big fan of Colombian figurative artist Fernando Botero known for his ‘larger than life’ style. I fell in love with his ‘Mona Lisa, Age 12’ and thought it would add some renaissance to my mostly white nursery with gold accents. I got the canvas oil painting and had a frame made for it.  Before hangin it above the changing table I sent an iPhone pic out to the hubby and siblings for reaction.  This is how it went…

Angie: I present… Baby Mona Lisa

Sister Jenny: Did someone “fat booth” Mona Lisa? (for those of you who don’t know ‘fat booth’ is my fave iPhone app, it makes people really fat after you take a pic of them)

Husband:  ….a very disturbing picture.  It looks like a female Chucky doll with boobs!

Sister Tricia: I think it is hilarious!  But, if it scares the baby, you might just put it in the bathroom across from the toilet.

Sister Jenny: I’ve never seen a baby with so much cleavage

Headed home with a piece of home

I’m moving into my new condo this coming weekend and found a sweet piece of Miami to add to it that still keeps a little feel of home. We stopped by world renowned Miami artist Romero Britto’s gallery and saw this giclee signed piece by the painter beloved by the likes of MJ, George Bush, Clinton, Elton John and scores more! I love the diamond dust in the flag the most!

ArtJamz: Locals unleash their inner artist

ArtJamz is the new ‘going out’ with no limits in Washington! See for yourself.

ArtJamz on WUSA9

PROJECT: ARBOR DAY (Save Our Cherry Blossoms)


This is an OMG favorite this week. I’m so excited to emcee this event and hope you too will join me for Project Arbor Day.  Ten local artists including my friend and extraordinary sculptor Don Patron have united to do cherry blossom artwork to raise funds to restore and revitalize the damaged trees on the National Mall.  All proceeds from this event benefit The Trust for the National Mall:


Thursday April 29th 6-11PM
District (2473 18th St NW)
$20 – General Admission Tickets ($30 at the Door)
$50 – VIP Tickets (Includes access to VIP section for premium open bar, heavy passed hors d’oeuvres and a special goodie bag)


Host Committee: Angie Goff, David Alanson, Don Patron, Eric Lund, John Fischer, Katy Adams, Krista Johnson, Maggie O’Neil, Mathew Hebert, Nicole Siobal, Ran Borgerson, Rodger Schultz.

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