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ArtJamz.. we paint on Live TV

I can tell from Chuck's face he really likes it

ArtJamz founder Michael Clements joins me in studio to help me unleash my inner artist. The end result? An original Van Goff. Not sure if I entertained or offended my co-workers who served as my inspiration.

ArtJamz has a series of sessions in March coming up, hosted in their new studio home in Dupont Circle.

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ArtJamz: Inspiration ranges from personal to public

The great artist Pablo Picasso once said… “‘I paint objects as I think them, not as I seem them.'”

Unleashing all that’s inside is the idea behind a series of painting parties in the District. Professional and novice artists were invited to get creative at ArtJamz at the Lamont Bishop Gallery in DC’s Shaw corridor.

One artist says she painted her zodiac with her birthday coming up… another showed us her painting of Japan.

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Lincoln: A President who's Poppin'

By Leigh Macdonald

Tomorrow evening, I’m hitting one of the hottest new night-out scenes in D.C.

Meet ArtJamz: an uncommonly creative concept by Michael M. Clements, Executive Editor of Washington Life Magazine. Last June, Clements launched ArtJamz, the first for-profit production of Genki Media LLC. Genki is a combination of the Japanese characters “Gen” and “Ki,” and it means “happy and healthy condition.” Well . . . by all accounts, it seems that Clements—through his wildly popular ArtJamz series—is indeed making meaningful strides toward the happy and healthy condition of Washingtonians.

What is ArtJamz? It’s open to anyone, online registration is easy, and ArtJammers needn’t bring a thing since Clements provides all needed materials. Indeed, upon arrival, you’ll receive a canvas (already set up on an easel, of course), paint, and materials. For the next few hours, you’ll enjoy wine, soft drinks, hors d’oeuvres, great music, and an artsy ArtJamz host. All the while, you and your fellow ArtJammers will be creating your very own original works of art. “Whoa!” you say, “I’m not an artist.” Not to worry . . . the ArtJamz sessions bring out the creative juices in even the most uncreative souls.

This weekend, ArtJamz is hosting its Lincoln Sessions. The Lincoln Sessions will take place on the 10th, 11th and 12th and will give ArtJammers a sneak peek at the highly anticipated opening of Lincoln Restaurant. Lincoln is owned and operated by Hudson Restaurant owner Alan Popovsky, and the destination will feature pop art from local artist, Maggie O’Neill.

At each of the three Lincoln Sessions, Maggie will paint alongside ArtJammers. February 10th is an invite-only affair aimed to bring in a who’s who of creative District influencers. The 11th and 12th sessions are open to anyone. By the way, Feb 12 is Abe Lincoln’s birthday, and I can’t imagine a better way to celebrate honest Abe than with ArtJamz at the city’s newest and most creative restaurant concept.

Watch Angie’s previous report on Artjamz on WUSA9’s Morning Show below:

ArtJamz: Locals unleash their inner artist

ArtJamz is the new ‘going out’ with no limits in Washington! See for yourself.

ArtJamz on WUSA9

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