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Why you want to be on “The List”

Littman with list members Jody Arlington and Tom Rosenstiel

As a city full of power players, Washington loves a good list. But there’s one you won’t find printed in the paper, on the cover of a magazine or posted on a popular media blog.

The List: 2012 Best Books, Films & Music

It’s one of the most exclusive lists inside the Beltway. Technology industry lobbyist Drew Littman is behind it.

For nearly 15 years, Littman has hand-picked a list of people  who react and respond via email over the top picks in film, books and music.

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Do you remember your 'First Time'?

Yeah, yeah, yeah…it’s that touchy subject that some people blab to the world and others wish they could erase from their memory! Well now is the time to have a conversation about ‘My First Time.’ The off-broadway play is now here in DC. ‘My First Time’ was inspired by a website where people anonymously share their first sexual experience.

‘My First Time DC’ is produced by Hersh Narola and directed by Arpita Mukherjee

Meet the cast and crew!

This performance will have you laughing and reminiscing about YOUR first time, as four actors portray the true stories of ‘first times’ – from silly to sweet to sexy, and every experience in between. My First Time will be playing through the end of November at the Burke Theatre of US Navy Memorial and at Mead Theatre Lab at Flash Point. 

Purchase tickets HERE!

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By Rachel DeMita, Special to OMG

Sweetlife Festival, Georgetown House Tour, DC Art

See the story as aired on the WUSA9 Morning Show

WASHINGTON, DC (WUSA)– Oh My GOFF! Angie Goff on Sweetgreen’s Sweetlife Music Festival, a tour of Georgetown’s most beautiful homes and DC’s ‘New York Avenue Sculpture Project.

Interesting: Cities rack up public artwork with bike racks

Oh Snap! And the Oscar goes to…

Kevin, Becky, Claudia & Kate

It’s the only Academy sanctioned viewing party in DC. Oscar Night DC 2010 the third year was more glamorous than ever.  You felt amongst stars at the Oscar fitting National Museum of Women in the Arts. My friends fell in love with the champagne glasses lined with honey topped with a fresh sprig of lavender. My guess is that the gorge gowns made for more people watching then Oscar viewing. Sandra, Monique, K. Bigelow and more…  a little acceptance speech for you. We thank you giving us a reason to get decked out, wear uncomfortable kicks, eat fine food and party on a Sunday night. The events proceeds is one of the biggest fundraisers for our area’s Red Cross.
[Pictured right: Kevin Roots, Becky Lee, Claudia Camelia Cotca & Kate Michael]

Mike Carson, Dr. Alex Naini, Angie Goff, Pamela Pressley

Mike, Alex, Angie & Pamela

Russian models Ksusha Belousova & Anna Sizykh strike a pose

Ksusha & Anna

Don Kent & Mercedes LeGrand are ready to toast!

Don & Mercedes

Red Cross volunteer Tesa Leon


Emily Nolan rocks the jumpsuit


Philip Elder & Angela Endicott watch the pre-show

Philip & Angie

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