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Halloween Snowman

This is the first October snow the DC area has had since 1979! 32 years ago people.  Already we’re getting snow reports from the Shenandoah Valley to Ashburn to Strasburg Virginia. Check out this Halloween Snowman pic from our viewer Crystal Rector of Chester Gap in Rappahannock County. Get all your weather and snowcast info from NBC Washington here. Send your snow pix and video to NBC4

@EmilyElizabeth took this pretty shot of her backyard

@VTDiva01 on twitter sent me this picture from Ashburn… at 745AM Jenn said they’re now dealing with a snow/sleet mix and it’s very slick on the roads.

This looks like a fun place to play! Thank you @KayBuzz near Winchester for sending this in.

Bob Hughes sent this jolly pumpkin



Busy baby GAGA

Adora is such a trooper. She made the rounds with a day that started with an early brunch with my AOII sisters at Clyde’s in Ashburn. The place was really neat. My friend Jen told me the entire restaurant was made out of old barnes. Then it was off to DC to The Heights for an afternoon brunch with some of my former TV co-workers. That’s where we ran into WUSA producer Jessica Glasser who just had a baby too.. little Maya! We weren’t done yet. When I arrived for my hair appointment with the fabulous James Cornwell.. he exclaimed “OMG it’s baby Gaga” – referring to my baby tucked inside her stroller. It was hilarious.

Together again!

Fit for a legacy!

Then we were off to DC to meet up with some former co-workers from news stations elsewhere!

Doing the rounds

WUSA’s Jessica Glasser and hubby show off beautiful Maya

Baby Gaga arrives to PR at Partners! James says he’s got dibs on Adora’s first haircut.

James in action


We get 'Wimpy'

Jeff Kinney, author of the best-selling children’s series, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, visited with hundreds of elated fans in Northern Virginia. In 2009, Time Magazine named Kinney one of the 100 Most Influential People in the World, and he sat down with WUSA 9’s Leigh Macdonald to talk about his best-selling books, his full-time job, his family, the movie sequel, and even his next book. More coverage at

Gettin' POSH With The Greens'

We had a blast at Redskins Hall of Famer Darrell Green’s gorgeous house recently when his gem of a wife Jewell hosted a POSH Girl party for her girlfriends.

We’re talking designer clothes, cupcakes, high-end  consignment with Christie’s Closet.. oh and even some relaxation in the sunroom where you could give lash extentions a try!

If you’re intersted in a POSH GiRL event contact Jewell or follow her on twitter @POSH44 and Facebook

Check out video from the event that aired on WUSA9 this morning below!

Foul Bean: What's up with chili cook-off Entry names

I don’t think I’ll ever volunteer to judge green chili again. Not because it doesn’t taste good (it tastes great) but perhaps because of how it looks… 22 times over. I’ll stick with red. Another thing I don’t get is why contestants insist on naming their prized bowl after things that trigger gag reflex. It appears many of them try to blow up just how hot their stuff is but in all reality don’t they know chili judges are told to pick something balanced with the right spice. I can’t post pics of many of the tents at the DC101 Chili Cook-Off but I’ve shared a couple below. Despite the names RFK smelled amazing!

Fellow judges WUSA9’s Anita Brikman and hubby support the National Kidney Foundation

More judges FOX5’s Will Thomas here with friends Barrie Friedman and Keith Melancon

Oh yeah,  that’s the aftertaste I’m looking for.

Left behind the hometown pride?

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