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Boeing Presents a Taste of Asia

Did you know May is Asian Pacific Heritage Month? Not gonna lie.. LOVE going to these events because the food is so darn good. When my friend Michelle Sam (Go Hornets!) asked me to speak at Boeing’s event I had to say yes. As the daughter of a military officer and someone who grew up abroad… it was my kind of crowd. I shared a picture on the news too… but take a look at some of the wonderful people I met who work in the Springfield and Herndon offices. Happy Asian Pacific Heritage Month and thank you Boeing for including me in your wonderful celebration.


Rhee honored at Asian American Gala

This year’s annual Asian American Chamber of Commerce gala spotlighted Asian Americans who are making a difference in their community. Master Jhoon Rhee also known as the Father of American Taekwondo was honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award. Rhee is credited for introducing this martial art to the US in the 1950’s. Local non-profits like Devotion to Children also received awards. Watch video from the event on

Honey Pig: Friends indulge at Korean feast

We dig the pig.

After hearing rave reviews of Honey Pig (Gooldaegee) in Annadale, Virginia I said enough is enough, time to get stuffed. No Korean feast should go unshared… so I gathered with fellow kimchee and bulgogi fans. The rest is history… not grain of sticky rice left.

Below meet my Chingoos that’s ‘friends’ in Korean: Bottom: Nina Un, Nicole Siobal, Angie Goff, Sumita Pradhan Top: Laura Carlson, Dannia¬†Hakki, Kamari Wheeler, Anchyi Wei and Jackie Turner¬†

ASK CHIN: Are you old?

Ask Chin

February 12th is President Lincoln’s birthday but it’s also the infamous CHIN’S- my Korean mom. Our series of “ASK CHIN: Simple answers to simple questions” continues. In this latest edition we Ask Chin: Are you old?

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