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Ask Chin: Do you Djay?

It’s been some time since we’ve asked Chin anything. This time we wanna know if she can spin the decks. She’s not internationally known but I assure you she’s “Big in Herndon.”


You are the coolest mom by far. I love you and I love how you always make us laugh. Speaking of laughs.. dug this old Mother’s Day video up. The video that started the ASK CHIN craze.

Awesome Nana!

Mom's "American Idol" Audition

In anticipation of tonight’s American Idol premiere.. my mother, the infamous CHIN shows us what she’s got.

This year “Idol” is letting contestants perform their OWN music for the first time. With this in mind Chin decided to audition in her native Korean.

CHIN makes her 9NEWS TV Debut

I have had several requests to bring back the famous ‘ASK CHIN’ videos on the blog. I admit I’ve been slacking between this baby thing, moving and trying to still write everyday and report.

Well, it looks like momma is going big time. Chin had her first news story air on WUSA in the 5pm news– I don’t even get face time in that show LOL!  Read the full story

WATCH VIDEO: Angie goes home on hunt to satisfy her cravings

ASK CHIN: Are you old?

Ask Chin

February 12th is President Lincoln’s birthday but it’s also the infamous CHIN’S- my Korean mom. Our series of “ASK CHIN: Simple answers to simple questions” continues. In this latest edition we Ask Chin: Are you old?

As Seen On CHIN!

Okay Christmas is only a couple weeks away.. so we ASK CHIN what would make the best gift.

Chin Likes Ove-Glove

Come on give the woman a hand!

DC Needs A Korean Taco Truck

Courtesy: LA Times

If I lost my job today I think a twittering food truck would be in my near future. Have you heard about the KOGI Korean BBQ taco truck out in L.A…. it tweets it’s stops for the day, drawing 300-800 people everytime it parks, in different spots throughout the night. I first heard about this from my agent who lives out there … then I saw it in the LA Times. But it wasn’t til CHIN told me about this craze that’s hit Korean headlines that I decided to take a second look. I decided to follow the “Kogi Kulture”  @kogibbq on Twitter. I discovered they are real Korean tacos…  bulgogi,Kimchi Taco kal-bi (korean short ribs), spicy pork and even KIMCHI  wrapped in tortillas!

I told Chin she should get off  that electric-blanket covered couch she sits on 8 hours a day watching Korean  soaps and put her kitchen skills on wheels. I can see it now:


With a bright personality like this… I can ony imagine the hoards of late night revelers that would show up.

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