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Dress chart for dad

I wonder if I’m the only wife who makes charts when I know my husband will be the one dressing the baby.

Mom Pick of the Week: Olive to Sew

This week I’m loving my monogrammed onesie from The founder who possesses the sassy needle skills is Kere Knapp, a mom of two who lives in South Riding. This is one of many things Adora has bearing her initials. She also has a basket, two piece outfit and a blanky!


Big thanks to my buddy and fellow Patriot Tom Block for helping keep the GMU pride in the family! Baby Adora is now officially part of Mason Nation. Congrats to the green and gold for beating Delaware last night. That’s 5 in a row BABY!

Someone turns 1 month today

Happy 1 Month Birthday Adora Kate We love you.

Why mom?

Why do we think it’s ok to dress our babies up like little animals or food? More pictures at Adora’s Day


Tickled Pink in Potomac

I cannot even begin to tell you how overwhelmed with emotion I am with all the support I’ve gotten from friends, family and co-workers over the last 8 months. My sisters Jenny and Tricia threw me a beautiful shower at good friend Dr. Alex’s Potomac home.

It was more than perfect– it was as I told the crowd– a room filled with so much love. Wish I could post the hundreds of pictures and special moments captured by’s Daniel Swartz and Rita Lawrence with Bitsy Baby Photography. Please check out their galleries. Sweet thanks to Frosting: A Cupcakery for sending devilishly good dessert. No cupcake was left behind. Shout out to the gorgeous Lauren Von Der Pool and staff with green catering company Von Der Pool Gourmet.  I didn’t learn til after the party that the ‘beef wontons’ were vegan! I would’ve never known. They were delicious!

The best part of all? Seeing so many women from different phases of my life- high school, college, SC, DC, News, philanthropy and  mamas-to-be coming together to help me celebrate my first step into motherhood. Thank you everyone from me and baby “A”. Read more about the shower at where Leigh Macdonald wrote a very kind recap of the party.

A glance at some gifts…



Couples Shower!

I have to admit the hubby (like most men) wasn’t so hot on the idea of joining me for a ‘baby shower’ when he first heard about it.  BUT his opinion soon changed after he realized that it was more like a mini party, a time to show off the wife’s belly and drink a beer with good friends and catch up. Special thanks to all our amazing couples and friends in Columbia, SC who put together the beautiful evening at ‘The Heritage’ on Senate.  It was wonderful! Special thanks to our gracious hosts… for the party and the beautiful pack ‘n’ play below, now standing by in the baby’s nursery .Back to the idea of the ‘Couples Shower’ I’m hearing more and more people are doing this. I personally really like the idea. It’s really fun to share the experience with the other half.

 Big thanks to the hosts: Lisa Hockenberry and Chris Livingston, Jackie Faye Burton, Jennifer and Jim Bowie, Lauren and Kerry Davis, Lori and Wade Douroux, Kim and Hobbs Goodwin, Marne and John Jenkins, Lynsey and John Jordan, Steven Juk, Laura and David Rembert and Jennifer and Alan Wilson

You know when daddy buys the baby clothes when…

picture speaks for itself.

Tales (and tops) of an infant clothes addict

Guilty as charged. Since I found out I was expecting I’ve been buying clothes for both sexes. At first I thought I was having a girl so I couldn’t help myself.. I started buying girl stuff, like this infant couture top.

Then I changed my mind (more on that later) and believed I’m having a boy. I still do. So I started buying ‘lil man’ clothes. I found I just couldn’t control myself. They are so darn cute. Anyone else have this problem? I’m wondering if it’s normal for ‘rookies’.

In other baby clothes news… lookie lookie at the most adorable onesie my girlfriend Krista Johnson got me from The Magic Wardrobe in Georgetown. The thought of future ‘burp up’ on the precious gold birds and nests already breaks my heart.  It’s so pretty.

VOTE! Bump or Dump Outfit 7/12/2010

Bump or Dump?

Dressing cute can be a challenge when you’re dealing with an ever expanding waistband… and um… everything else. I figured it would be fun to test out my maternity style sense with my friends and viewers. Feel free to cast your vote below to Bump or Dump what I’m wearing. Meanwhile, expecting moms my fellow preggers pal Melissa Daddio told me about It’s like Rue La La and Beyond the Rack, doing 1-2 day boutiques, all baby and kids stuff, high end gear for great prices! I love all these tidbits you’re sending!

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