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Cute cuffs

It’s no secret I’m big on Target. Well while browsing the baby aisles in search for spoons… these little metallic booties caught my eyes! I think they look awesome with a good pair of leggings. Adora agreed. Say hello to our new summer sandal.

Toe blooms

If you have a baby with FAT feet (like mine)  or who doesn’t like to wear shoes (like mine) than I could have the answer for you! Toe Blooms… they are comfy little petals that fit right around the ankle and toes! They’re so pretty and actually entertain a baby that is still fascinated with their toes.

Mom Pick of the Week: We all need a 'Cupcake Ladi'

SKINNY JEANS. I have such envy.

Diaper and all… little Adora squeezes into her skinny jeans no problem. I on the other hand put on my belly-band maternity pants and headed to a point of no return: The Cupcake Ladi. My dear friend Nefertiti opened up her new cupcake shop at the Lake Anne Plaza in Reston and I just had a chance to drop in and indulge. Yes, I’m still trying to drop the baby weight but I believe that every now and then you have to take time to enjoy the stuff you really love. I’m a big fan of Nefertiti’s baking because 1) it’s all 97% organic 2) each cupcake ALWAYS has more cream, ganache, frosting or filling in the middle. Oh and did I mention Nefertiti is a sweet treat herself? Her passion for animals almost goes unmatched and I admire all the local animal charities she supports with her cupcake donations. If you can’t get to The Cupcake Ladi’s shop… don’t fret, you can always catch her online deals on Facebook

Casualties of the car ride home: ADORA DID IT!

Handmade Hats

If there’s one upside to the cold weather it’s CUTE hats! Ironically I found this awesome gal in California who makes beautiful handmade and crocheted hats. Adora wore one today… and I can’t wait to put her in the other three! I got the hats through Ellie Bellie Designs‘ Etsy store but since then they’ve moved to their Facebook page.

I also got a cream crocheted hat with big black rose pin, a grey hat with sequins and tiny black rose and a monkey crocheted hat that is absolutely precious on!

I'm 2 Months Old (oh no SHOTS!)

Can you believe Adora is already 2 months old! The doctor says her stats are ‘off the charts!’ The little birdie is 12 lbs. 10 ounces and 25 1/4 iches long. She’s in the 99 percentile for height! Tall like her daddy.  All was good up until the weigh in and measuring.  Then it was time for the inevitable… she screamed so loud no sound came out. SEE THE VIDEO BELOW. My poor little baby.

The Cry Without Sound

Animals and babies

aren’t they just the cutest things! Adora was fussy this morning and Atticus walked over.. then she just stopped and stared. It was like magic.

Red suede boots

Oh baby! We’re loving Adora’s new red suede boots! I love my baby.

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