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Olympic gear.. for baby too!

Hey there! The ratings are in and 2012 stands the MOST WATCHED Opening Ceremony of a non-US hosted Olympics ever! The momentum for the Summer Games is huge and I’m loving the great ways you can sport your Olympics spirit. I found these throwback shirts at Gap and Gap Kids. They have a whole section dedicated for babies 18 months and up. I had to get the 1988 Seoul Olympics shirt because I remember as a child I had a Hodori (that’s the mascot) hat that you could swing your head around to make the ribbon twirl! Oh the memories. They have adult Raise your Colors clothes too!

MORE: Top American Athletes in London

Ralph Lauren also has a great selection of Team USA gear too. I think I’m gonna get one of the white polo shirts that say London on the back. If you’re up for sharing more info about London and the games.. I noticed in the kids section of Barnes ‘n’ Noble they have a nice little rack of fun books including an old fave This is London.

Happy Anniversary Kirk & Mike

Big congrats to Kirk McEwen and Mike O’Meara the funny co-hosts of the Kirk &  Mike Show on 105.9 The Edge. I love being part of this show daily and can honestly say they always help put me in a good mood early in the morning even when I’m fighting it.

PHOTOS: K&M Anniversary Party

The dynamic duo had a little party to celebrate 1 year of being on air together in hometown Herndon at Jimmy’s Old Town Tavern. I brought the whole clan out to celebrate. I think the highlight was the guys got to meet CHIN!  Congrats K&M.. here’s to many more years of cracking us up during DC’s most terrible morning drive.

The party gets out shout out on WUSA


Restaurant owner Jimmy presents the CAKE

K&M’s biggest lil fan Adora stopped by early for some dinner

Mom Pick of the Week: We all need a 'Cupcake Ladi'

SKINNY JEANS. I have such envy.

Diaper and all… little Adora squeezes into her skinny jeans no problem. I on the other hand put on my belly-band maternity pants and headed to a point of no return: The Cupcake Ladi. My dear friend Nefertiti opened up her new cupcake shop at the Lake Anne Plaza in Reston and I just had a chance to drop in and indulge. Yes, I’m still trying to drop the baby weight but I believe that every now and then you have to take time to enjoy the stuff you really love. I’m a big fan of Nefertiti’s baking because 1) it’s all 97% organic 2) each cupcake ALWAYS has more cream, ganache, frosting or filling in the middle. Oh and did I mention Nefertiti is a sweet treat herself? Her passion for animals almost goes unmatched and I admire all the local animal charities she supports with her cupcake donations. If you can’t get to The Cupcake Ladi’s shop… don’t fret, you can always catch her online deals on Facebook

Casualties of the car ride home: ADORA DID IT!

Lickin' Cancer

Survivors brought their pets and I brought my 2 legged baby to the 2nd Annual Critters for the Cure Fashion Show! It was an amazing night where cancer survivors showed their beauty and bravery as they took to the catwalk with their canine companions. The highlight of the evening was when several area doctors were honored by CFC founder Clancy Kress. Kress created Critters for the Cure after losing a dear friend to cancer.

WATCH NOW: Critters for the Cure on WUSA9 This Morning

Animals and babies

aren’t they just the cutest things! Adora was fussy this morning and Atticus walked over.. then she just stopped and stared. It was like magic.

Someone turns 1 month today

Happy 1 Month Birthday Adora Kate We love you.

Why mom?

Why do we think it’s ok to dress our babies up like little animals or food? More pictures at Adora’s Day


Tales (and tops) of an infant clothes addict

Guilty as charged. Since I found out I was expecting I’ve been buying clothes for both sexes. At first I thought I was having a girl so I couldn’t help myself.. I started buying girl stuff, like this infant couture top.

Then I changed my mind (more on that later) and believed I’m having a boy. I still do. So I started buying ‘lil man’ clothes. I found I just couldn’t control myself. They are so darn cute. Anyone else have this problem? I’m wondering if it’s normal for ‘rookies’.

In other baby clothes news… lookie lookie at the most adorable onesie my girlfriend Krista Johnson got me from The Magic Wardrobe in Georgetown. The thought of future ‘burp up’ on the precious gold birds and nests already breaks my heart.  It’s so pretty.

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