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Photos: The Nursery

Many people have asked  about Adora’s room. Thanks to Katharine Hauschka we’ve got a couple shots. Originally I wanted an ‘all white’ theme but soon found that brown and neutral accents worked nicely. You wouldn’t think but it was really tough trying to find ‘all white’ stuff that went together. I like how it turned out even with the controversial Mona Lisa. 🙂

Birth annoucement shoot

Today was a big day for Adora. She had her birth annoucement photo shoot with Katharine Hauschka of Kate Haus Photography. See more behind-the-scenes pictures

Newborn Photo Shoot

Photographer Moshe Zusman gave me some of the best advice prior to the birth of my baby. He said- get pictures of your newborn done immediately- everything changes so much after one week- their purplish hands and toes, pruned skin, swollen eyes. So we did. Adora wrote about it on her blog with some behind-the-scenes shots. When I saw the final pictures I cried. You want your baby to grow, to get bigger, to open their eyes but at the same time you want to remember them like this forever. You want to remember how much you stared at every little thing for hours ( like the hair on her ears) trying to understand how this was possible. That something so amazing, so real and little could come from ‘you.’  Thank you Moshe for giving us these moments to cherish always. See more pictures from the shoot at Moshe’s Blog.

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