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Mom Pick of the Week: Momma Jewels

We don’t need it yet… but this is the hippest teething toy I’ve seen. A sterling silver necklace for moms to wear that is a teething toy for the baby when they’re holding their sweetie! The necklace is by Momma’s Jewels. You can get them at Great Beginnings.

Mom Pick of the Week: Biddy Belly

I keep hearing from moms with older children— “They are coming out with all sorts of new things since my kids were born!”  So I’m going to try to share onething every week that I find is forward thinking and has been a good fit for us. I wanna start with a great tummy time tool.

Adora is mega strong and at 3 weeks already started holding her head up. In addition to using my tummy time blankets I discovered this new cool contraption. It’s called the Biddy Belly and was created by physical therapist and mom of three Robin Tachetti. It has a gradual incline that gives Adora the right place to push her arms up.  She’s now 11 weeks so I think in a month or so she’ll be able to fully push herself up because her arms will be longer. The side bolsters are great because they keep her legs in place, avoiding the ‘roll over.’ There’s a little mirror for the baby to see themselves push up… and a bunch of little rattles and squeaky accents to keep them entertained. Robin says it helped her kids from getting those flat spots on the back of their heads… as the Biddy Belly eliminated the need of repeated attempts to turn them onto their bellies.

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