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Nursing: Never so pretty

I didn’t realize that I had to buy MORE maternity stuff after I had Adora. Then I realized how important finding the right nursing bra really is. I got a couple from the lactation specialist at the hospital but as you can imagine they weren’t the prettiest things.

Once I got home and a little settled I knew it was time to call ‘The Bra Lady’ Cyla Weiner of SYLENE DC. I knew Cyla would 1) help me find the right size AGAIN (um, they get bigger ladies!) and 2) have something pretty. I, like many women wrongly assumed anything with ‘nursing’ attached to it could not be attractive.

After trying on different styles and sizes I decided on a gorgeous patterned piece by Cake Lingerie  and a more traditional underwired nursing bra by Anita maternity. Cyla says you’ll get a lot of mileage out of the latter.  I took these pictures with my iPhone so sorry they look a little dim. As you can see Cyla has set the ‘blueberry bra’ on me on the last hook. She says that’s important when you first buy since you want to be able to make the band smaller as time passes and you start to drop the baby weight and swelling. Read more about my pregnancy and postpartum at WUSA9’s

ps- on the way out I saw the most amazing SPANX product yet. The Reversible Tights. One side is brown … the other is black. You can also get one side black and the other grey. Who’d a thunk? Two colors in one, so worth the price.


Baby got back fat- No MORE!

So in recent monthsI noticed it wasn’t only the cup size that was changing…. but also the back side. My doctor said that pregnancy will cause some swelling around your back and can intensify the appearance of that dreaded ‘bra fat’. I’ve always had a little.. I think most women do. It didn’t really bother me until I noticed the level of the  ‘oozin over’ factor when walking in the mall and seeing my reflection in the window. I realized not only was it not very visibly appealing… but that my bras wires had subtly started to cut  my skin under my arms and breast line. As a result I decided to check out SPANX’s Bra-llelujah! I put this thing on and seriously wanted to shout from the mountain top. It had no clasps to dig into you… and immediately eliminated the extra ‘fat’ factor.

I got the Underwire/Contour which will give you more support. The ‘wireless’ was very comfortable too.

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