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The bond

… of the tiny ballerinas has never been cuter!

Forget technique… the biggest takeaways are off-the-cuff moments like this.

but speaking of technique.. Adora learned a new step today!

Do you ever…

wish a certain moment was frozen in time?

Bravo! Ballet!

Big moment for mom. Adora finished completed her first session of Ballet and has the paper to prove it!

I’m so proud of her!

Of course it was a rigorous class.. that involved playing with fairies with her friends!

Oh and there was also the challenging “dress-up” part of the curriculum

Today they were all about the bears

Check out her leap and curtsy skills!


Let’s be honest. There’s nothing cuter than dressing up your doll in ballet gear. Love these monogrammed leotards that just came in from LayneJames Designs.

Secretly 'UNTAMED'

We took a walk on the wild side thanks to the Jete Society’s annual Dance Party.

The theme this year was ‘UNTAMED’ and it was an event that lived up to it’s name. From the saucy dancers to carnival food that included fried snickers… this party was downright HOT!

The event that benefits the Washington Ballet is co-chaired by Winston Lord and the beautiful Ashley Taylor (pictured right)

Thanks Leigh Macdonald for the pictures and video!

Check out more pictures from the night!

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