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Go Gamecocks!

We’re rooting for the garnet and black at the College World Series! Let’s get a repeat boys! BEAT FLORIDA!

Throwing out the first pitch

Throwing the first pitch at the Nationals game, a day after beating top ranked Phillie was AWESOME! I warmed up the arm with colleague Mike Hydeck. I have to admit I was a bit more on target during warm-up than when it came time to deliver. Thank goodness I had a catcher with a great wing span… my pitch was a slight wild throw to the right- but he caught it!

MORE: Watch Angie Throw The First Pitch

Mike with die hard morning show viewer Marcia

United with our favorite eagle Screech again!


Screech invades traffic report

Happy Nationals Opening Day! Let’s play ball. This week our favorite eagle Screech paid a visit to our studios and helped out with the traffic.

Access Washington: Faces & Places of 2010

Thanks to Janet Donovan for this amazing compilation of candids that sum up a year of celebrity, politicos and media heads making buzz in Washington this past year!


Becky's Fund Bats Out Domestic Violence

Watch Angie Goff’s report on Becky’s Fund hosting Domestic Violence Day at Nationals Park

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Pick Of The Day: With the President!

.. and then some.

George, Tom and Teddy showed the love in the lobby at WUSA TV. They’re part of the Metromix Best of DC 2009 Award Show and helped shoot some scenes with me!  Mark your calendar the show airs Dec 26th on Channel 9! Thanks to @obrienmedia for the click!

Picture with the Presidents

Getting Coached Up In Tucson

Throw a couple hundred baseball coaches together in a warm weather climate, toss in a little golf, a few beers and some nice scenery in the form of the Rocky Mountains and University of Arizona coeds, and you have yourself this year’s National High School Baseball Coaches Association (BCA) convention in Tucson, AriCoaching at Centreville HSzona.

Each year, coaches from every corner of the country gather to discuss their philosophies, methods of teaching the game’s mechanics and ideas on how to build a winning program while bouncing a few stories — some funny, some inspirational — off each other at the annual event. This year was my first experience going to the national convention, and as I sit here on the plane writing this column and nursing a decent hangover, there’s now even more of a spark, even more of a desire to become the best coach and developer of young men as I possibly can.

There is nothing quite like having an impact on a young person’s life, even if it’s something as a small as helping them make an adjustment when they’re struggling at the plate or with the glove in a game such as baseball. And there is nothing quite like being a part of something that is striving to build towards a common goal, in our case at Centreville High School, to win championships and prepare our guys to go on to college, be it as a student/athlete or just a student.

I didn’t get that when I was a member of the media covering high school sports in our area, and that’s why five years ago I decided to trade my notebook for a fungo bat and take a crack at this coaching thing.

I’ve made my fair share of mistakes in life, but that was certainly not one of them.

While at the convention, I was able to pick the minds of coaches from national power programs such as Flanagan High in Fort Lauderdale, FL, and American Heritage High from Plantation, FL, from coaches from Lehigh University and the University of Arizona, and from former Baltimore Orioles close Gregg Olsen.

I scribbled on a notepad, made mental notes and exchanged glances with coaching buddies when a speaker mentioned something that made sense or something that we might try using. When I get home, the notes will all be typed up and tucked away in a binder, where they’ll be referred to from time to time over my years of coaching.

Two months from now, we’ll get to see how much our guys have improved since last spring, now that they’re a year older and bigger, faster and stronger than the ’09 version.

We’ll also find out how much we as coaches have improved, how stealing some ideas from a coach from Florida, New York or Illinois might help us beat Westfield. Or Oakton. Or Robinson.

Then I’ll know this hangover and ensuing jet lag when I get home was all worth it.

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