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My new nephew!

Welcome baby Knox Renwick! So perfect in every way.

Proud dad Chris.. what do I do with this?!?

Grandparents again!

Little Miracle.

Having a baby… what they DON’T tell you

Anyone who’s had a baby probably has their own list of what people DON’T tell you to expect. My top 10 things are out in the latest edition of I AM Modern Magazine. Trust me, I know the list does go on. Get your copy today or check out the electronic version! Also check out the awesome article on our friend and fashion entrepreneur Jewell Green.



She's ready!

We’re off to the hospital… Baby “A” decided 15 more days is way too long to wait to see the world. Her moses basket is packed… and momma has her pajamas ready for the weekend getaway. Thank you everyone for all your thoughts and prayers. The moment is almost here. We’ll keep you posted! 

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