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Fashion’s Night Out

Mom was a host for the big FNO Georgetown DC event tonight. With a goal to pump more money into the economy and with the President speaking about all our money matters tonight- I figured I’d do my part. Say hello to my new knee high Kenneth Coles.

BUMP or DUMP: Tummy Mummy

This is a cool shirt. It has a never ending wrap top by Lilac Maternity… you literally keep wrapping it around like you’re spoolin’ a mummy! It’s good support for the belly I may add. Really love these wide leg, wide band black cotton pants by Olian too. Got them at a maternity boutique in SC called BEE Maternal.

POLL: What color carseat?

We don’t find out the sex of ‘little omg’ for a few weeks but that won’t determine the color carseat. I definitely want a Maxi Cosi … at 8lbs it’s one of the lightest infant carseats out there! Thanks Linda at BabytoBeTV for the suggestion! I’ve narrowed it down to black, red and green. Decisions, decisions! Can you help!





Go Oriental Angel?

Lou Jing and Mom

Okay so the title alone of China’s version of American Idol is kinda disturbing. I mean c’mon people “Go Oriental Angel“…  we can do better.It’s not like we’re a pack of Ramen Noodles.. or a rug. 

But at the core of the controversy over the competition… is the winner.  

My newsroom gal pal Lauren and I refer to her as Angel Lou.  20 year old Lou Jing, born and raised in Shanghai. Her mom is Chinese.. her father is black.  Since the moment Lou Jing stepped in front of the spotlight she was a national sensation. The talk however was more on how she looked than on her talent.

Can you believe the host of the show  fondly called her “chocolate girl” and “black pearl”. As the Chinese media got madly obsessed with her skin color…. people got mean on the internet. Writing things like she “never hsould have been born” and demanding here to “Get out of China!”.

The worst part I orientalthink was when show producers had Lou bring her mother on to explain why she is black along with the painful subject on where her dad is (He left China before she was born). The stint resulted in a tearful breakdown over a matter that was very private.  I totally believe it was a ratings ploy… and it’s proven painful. Lou Jing’s mom has quite her job and the show winner says “If you beat me to death, I wouldn’t take part in that competition again.”

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