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Wedding stalking.. and the unthinkable happens

I’m writing from West Virginia where me and lil Goff are staycationing. We were told that there was going to be a wedding on the estate and our first thoughts “Thank goodness we brought some dresses!” We realized during our dinner that the wedding was about to take place on the main quad, beautiful greens, rolling hills. It just so happens our suite overlooked the location. We hurried up to wrap up dinner so we could head to the suite to take advantage of our well our vantage point. Little did we know our wedding stalking would turn into hysterics. Take a look…

Oops.. a Morning Show Blooper & Payback

During one of weatherman’s Howard Bernstein’s weather teases I don’t know what I was thinking when I decided to walk up on HIS set and in to his shot.¬†Watch the first¬†clip and then see the second for how the news team got me back!

Howard’s Report

Payback during Angie’s Report

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