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Day 3: Juice Cleanse

This is my final day of the juice cleanse and I feel light. In fact I don’t really have any cravings. It’s only when there’s food right in front of me that makes using will power tough. It actually made me realize how freely I eat on my own. This was an awakening.

I did the show this morning and still felt energized. I thought the big challenge was hosting my sister’s baby shower where we had a fantastic menu of summer sandwiches, cold strawberry soup and a variety of pastas.

It was the dessert bar that almost did me in… did someone say they brought caramel cake?

And the cake and lemon cake pops were calling my name

I brought my Green Juice and everyone looked at me funny when I filled my mason jar up and sucked it out using the old fashion striped straw. BTW if you want a great conversation starter .. bring green juice to the event.

Now I’m starting to worry about these good feelings going away. I guess that’s normal as you try to prepare to go back to eating regular food. Honestly, I like to juice my own stuff so I may start to gradually move to a all juice diet.

Also up next… I’m going to try Blueprint’s 2nd cleanse. There are 3 levels. It’s kind of fun trying new things.. and even better when they make you feel good!


Day 2: Juice Cleanse

DAY 2: So day 2 was much easier.  I woke up feeling good.. and really had a nice amount of energy this morning.  I started with hot lemon and water again and then went to my green juice. Lauren was right… you get use to it. It actually tasted good. I think it’s like coffee, beer, green tea… anything new you try you just have to get use to it. I did have a slice of avocado again– quite honestly I think it’s because I dearly miss the feeling of “chewing” something.

I did hit up some black coffee in the afternoon when I started to get hungry around 3PM. I am a coffee addict so it was tough for me to have a limited amount and without cream or sugar. It was vital though. I had to have a little coffee to get by and it helped a ton.

Dinner was the biggest challenge. It’s tough being part of a family that loves to eat and loves to eat BIG. I got this text message with picture from my sister:

“You know you want some.. ha ha”

We all went over for chili night and cornbread… and I of course had to break out my red juice.. apples, beets, carrots, ginger and more. Honestly, I tried not to make eye contact with any of the food and even breathed through my mouth to avoid the tempting aroma. I drank my juice and felt fine. What I love so far… I’ve noticed my painful cravings for sugar and meat is starting to disappear. That is awesome!

As I write this I’m enjoying my favorite part of the cleanse– the much talked about cashew juice. I decided to dress it up in a martini glass… cheers to getting through with Day 2!


3 Day Fast: Juicing Cleanse

I wrote a while back about trying juicing. I’ve been making a lot of my own juices lately tomato, carrot, apple and celery… it’s been fun. I was talking with a colleague about a 3 day juice fast she did that she said gave her a ton of energy! I decided to try it and placed my order for the 3 day cleanse called Blueprint. It includes 6 bottles of juice a day to drink. It arrived and I refrigerated it right away. Every day I’m gonna keep a log of how it’s going:

DAY 1: I woke up and had a bottle of hot water with lemon in it to clear my system. It’s what Blueprint recommends. About an hour later I tried Juice #1. It’s a green juice with romaine, celery, cucumber, apple, spinach, kale, parsley and lemon. If you are not use to a green juice.. the taste will raise a brow and tickle your tastebuds. It’s a little tart with a greeny after taste. I admit I downed it fast to get it over with. My friend Lauren says it will get better.. you get use to it.

I went to work out and found I still had enough energy. During the workout I drank Juice #2 a pineapple and apple concoction. It was good and got me through the session. Around 5pm I started to long some solids. I had my spicy lemonade which has cayenne pepper in it. HELLO. It’s unlike any lemonade I’ve had. It was good though. I liked the burn.

So the one thing Blueprint has is a card for cheaters. It lists the things you CAN cheat with if you find yourself famished. Some of the items include a couple slices of cucumber, 1/4 of an avocado and low sodium chicken broth. I had the avocado and chicken broth. If you’re gonna cheat they say at least cheat with good stuff.

Everyone says by the time you get to your final juice of the day… a cashew milk you will say it all was worth it. I’m on Juice #5 right now and can’t wait to 6 in an hour or so. You’re suppose to give at least 1 hour between juices. Getting me by in between today… water, hot green tea and hot water with lemon.

No headaches so far…


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