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No Tears!

Bob’s first official Easter Bunny photo and no tears from him or big sister.
In fact.. I think she thinks people were there to take pictures with her.

Bob and Adora (10 months and 3 years old)







Bob & Ava Meet their Extended News Family

Big thanks to dear friends Rebecca Cooper and Jill Collins for throwing the best Sip ‘n’ See at Carmine’s for Bob and Alison Starling’s little Ava. It was a wonderful way to get the babies together (which you can tell Ava is already crushin’) and show them off to all our great friends in the business! Photos by Daniel Schwartz and Rebecca Cooper.
































































































1 month old and growing

It amazes me how fast babies really grow. Think about it. In one month my son has grown 2 inches! That is miraculous don’t you think?  He’s not just a little more than 10 lbs and is in the 99 percentile for height. Looks like he’s following his sister’s footsteps! Cannot believe it’s already been a month. Where did time go!

His first pictures

What amazes me most about newborns is how quickly just about everything changes in a matter of days. Anyone who is a parent will often say they forgot just how small their child once was. It’s the reason that despite being in pain, recovery, totally stressed and everything above I have forced myself to find 20 minutes in the first few days  to try to capture these details before they’re gone. I did it with Adora and now with Bob. You can see the soft hair that covers the baby’s body.. it’ll eventually disappear. This was after the first few days so Bob’s skin lightened up and started to flake. It still turns the bright pink he was the first day.. only when he cries. His lips, hands and feet actually turn blue if he gets cold. The wrinkles and folds are never ending. It’s amazing. Thanks to my friend Janette Kim for taking these photos.

She walked in halfway through our picture taking

Still coming to grips.. this changes everything

She didn’t say anything.. she just held him  gently and stared.



Great Fathers

Just a moment to give a shout out to some great men– my husband, dad, father in law and grandfather aka Great Papa! I love you and all that you do to keep our family grounded and strong. No love can compare. Happy Father’s Day.

Adora opens Papa’s cardIMG_4678

We gave my father framed pictures of sweet moments between him and the grandkids. IMG_4677Time with Nana too

We took a risk with getting dad salmon shorts.. and now we are taking them backIMG_4674

But he kept these!


Adora enjoying the great holiday weather after breakfast IMG_4670 IMG_4668

Bob Jr. with his namesake Bob IVIMG_4664

Adora wondering why she didn’t get a number after her name?IMG_4656A grandmother’s love!


Beba opening gifts  IMG_4655

3 generations together… now that’s a lot of BOBS!IMG_4648

and still SO many more pictures to upload. Happy Father’s Day everyone. xo


Bringing baby home

After four days in the hospital we got to take baby Bob home. One of the most asked questions I’m getting is.. how is Adora adjusting? She’s actually doing great. She did put a teddy bear on her brother’s face trying to comfort him as he napped. We had to tell her that’s not allowed. Then we caught her reading to him. It was very sweet. Today we went to the doctor to see how he’s doing after 5 days. He had dropped 10% of his weight so we wanted to make sure he was on the right track to regaining. He was!  IMG_4225

IMG_4208We knew Adora was good with this after she offered her most prized possession- Green Bear.


Testing out the stroller with Green Bear




Bob meets world

Well he just couldn’t wait! Bob the IV arrived a week early on May 31st 2013 and at a nice hearty 9 LBS. He was 21 1/4″ long with a big head of hair… with frosted blonde tips. Have no clue where that came from!  Everyone is doing great. After initial shock big sis Adora warmed up… and even offered Bob her favorite bear!

Awesome Dr. Lightfoote!

Innocent jealousy at first

She warmed up!


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