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Bonnie Bernstein ROCKs kids health

You’re use to seeing her cover the big sports story but now ESPN’s Bonnie Bernstein has taken on a new assignment- Get Kids FIT! Bonnie was in town for the ING KiDS ROCK race. She talked about this incredible program that is getting children K-6th grade moving towards a healthier lifestyle. Bonnie also offered up some excellent tips all families can consider:

  • Exercise as a family and set goals: Use the time not only to exercise, but to spend quality time with your kids. Hikes, bike rides, power walks. Makes time go by faster
  • Shop and cook together: Empower them to make healthy foods for themselves. Farmer’s markets are fun, can sample things
  • Plant a garden: Gives kids a sense of ownership… they’ll want to eat what they plant
  • Find healthy alternatives: Potato chips = apple or banana chips or Ice cream sundae = low fat yogurt + berries + fat free whipped cream + sugar free chocolate syrup
  • Spice up healthy foods: Smear of almond butter on an apple, celery, banana or put fruit salsa on chicken or fish

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