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Toasting Bob IV

We recently toasted our little prince.. Bob IV. Special thanks to my sisters Jenny, Tricia and my girlfriends Shannon and Alex for hosting this royally fun Sip and See. Bob had a blast! Happy to share some great photos by Janette Kim!

Robert Haber Ellis IV at 8 weeks old

2013-07-27 Bob Sip N See Shower-81

2013-07-27 Bob Sip N See Shower-84Adora playing with gal pal Serena!2013-07-27 Bob Sip N See Shower-21

The little prince2013-07-27 Bob Sip N See Shower-1Big thanks to Vi Hannett for designing these!2013-07-27 Bob Sip N See Shower-5The scroll invitation2013-07-27 Bob Sip N See Shower-17Amazing cake by Market Salamander!

2013-07-27 Bob Sip N See Shower-94

2013-07-27 Bob Sip N See Shower-15

2013-07-27 Bob Sip N See Shower-4

2013-07-27 Bob Sip N See Shower-9Tea sandwiches of course!2013-07-27 Bob Sip N See Shower-8My sis Tricia made the gold lined banner

2013-07-27 Bob Sip N See Shower-45

NBC4 friends Danella, Charlitta and mom-to-be Anne!2013-07-27 Bob Sip N See Shower-96Alexa introduces Austin to Danella2013-07-27 Bob Sip N See Shower-98The Papa2013-07-27 Bob Sip N See Shower-102Aunt Jenny and cousin Knox2013-07-27 Bob Sip N See Shower-124My favorites2013-07-27 Bob Sip N See Shower-118

2013-07-27 Bob Sip N See Shower-59 Cookie monster  2013-07-27 Bob Sip N See Shower-136Morgan and new little Wyatt2013-07-27 Bob Sip N See Shower-141Pamela, Patricia, Elise, Shadan and Morgan2013-07-27 Bob Sip N See Shower-142Eve is expecting her 4th!2013-07-27 Bob Sip N See Shower-143Tania and Megan.. who is expecting a son soon!2013-07-27 Bob Sip N See Shower-144NBC4 love! Amelia, Charlitta, Danella, Patricia and Alexa (with Austin)2013-07-27 Bob Sip N See Shower-146Dr. Alex and Manjanique2013-07-27 Bob Sip N See Shower-147Catherine and Juliette with Melissa and little Oliver2013-07-27 Bob Sip N See Shower-151Kelly and Jenn2013-07-27 Bob Sip N See Shower-153Delicious cupcakes!2013-07-27 Bob Sip N See Shower-155Laura with precious Ava2013-07-27 Bob Sip N See Shower-157Someone is getting tired!2013-07-27 Bob Sip N See Shower-158Incredible women2013-07-27 Bob Sip N See Shower-160Crown me2013-07-27 Bob Sip N See Shower-167Cake time!2013-07-27 Bob Sip N See Shower-170

2013-07-27 Bob Sip N See Shower-172

2013-07-27 Bob Sip N See Shower-173

2013-07-27 Bob Sip N See Shower-182

2013-07-27 Bob Sip N See Shower-185

2013-07-27 Bob Sip N See Shower-188Jackie and Colleen2013-07-27 Bob Sip N See Shower-194Sisters! Alpha love2013-07-27 Bob Sip N See Shower-198Stare off with Oliver2013-07-27 Bob Sip N See Shower-200The Deliverer: My doc Lynne Lightfoote with an expecting Lauren!2013-07-27 Bob Sip N See Shower-203

2013-07-27 Bob Sip N See Shower-206Manj gets some Bob QT!2013-07-27 Bob Sip N See Shower-208Work gals.. Anne, Patricia and Catherine2013-07-27 Bob Sip N See Shower-210Pretty Juliette2013-07-27 Bob Sip N See Shower-211Dad pops in to say hello!2013-07-27 Bob Sip N See Shower-214The gang2013-07-27 Bob Sip N See Shower-226

2013-07-27 Bob Sip N See Shower-234Kai and Om!2013-07-27 Bob Sip N See Shower-235Hostess with the mostess: Shannon, Alex, Jenny and my sis Tricia in Texas2013-07-27 Bob Sip N See Shower-237Cousin love2013-07-27 Bob Sip N See Shower-242Mr and Mrs Burwell!2013-07-27 Bob Sip N See Shower-245Auntie Colleen2013-07-27 Bob Sip N See Shower-178 Miss April!

2013-07-27 Bob Sip N See Shower-192

Tummy time

8 weeks old and so strong!

Also really loving this 4Moms contraption. It’s a seat that moves in a variety of motions. You can change how fast it goes and how loud the different sound effects are. Brilliant!

Bob meets world

Well he just couldn’t wait! Bob the IV arrived a week early on May 31st 2013 and at a nice hearty 9 LBS. He was 21 1/4″ long with a big head of hair… with frosted blonde tips. Have no clue where that came from!  Everyone is doing great. After initial shock big sis Adora warmed up… and even offered Bob her favorite bear!

Awesome Dr. Lightfoote!

Innocent jealousy at first

She warmed up!


We’re having a…

It was with amazing discipline that I decided not to find  out if I was having a boy or girl at my 20 week sonogram. Instead I had the technician put the answer in an envelope.

I brought it home and handed it to my sister Jenny who ecstatically ripped it open in front of me. She was the first to know.

We waited days until our close family could all be together. Jenny in the meantime set up a very cute “Reveal!”  A 20 week secret all wrapped up.

On the big day, Jenny enlisted the help of future big sister, Adora Kate.


And just like that.. the name lives on. We’re ready to welcome a IV to the fam! Can you be tickled blue? We’re so happy!

In true Goff fashion.. Jenny topped “the reveal” with some humor.We arrived to a celebratory lunch to find all this!

Thanks sister.. love you.

Photos by Janette Kim Photography. Balloon from Bonbon Balloons.



Boy or Girl?

So now is the fun time. Learning if it’s a boy or a girl. I’m going to find out very soon but wanted to see what you think. Here’s of pic of the baby so far and here are some guesses:

Me: Boy
Husband: No clue
My father: Girl
Ladies at my nail salon: All say Boy

Baby on way

No… not #2! Don’t even go there people. My friend Vi is having a baby very soon and we all got together to celebrate little Gavin. It was the cutest shower thrown by Vi’s sister Tien and friend Peachy in Stone Ridge Virginia. I loved the ‘Candy Bar’ and catching up with so many sorority sisters from George Mason. It’s so funny to see how far so many of us have come from frat house to housewife and mom.

VIDEO: Oh My Baby, We're having a little…

booger that will look too cute coming home in this:

Alexa at The Magic Wardrobe helped me pick out this beautiful Pixie Lily sack with pink scallops and matching cap. 

I would love for you to join me on this new adventure .. I’m gonna need a lot of advice along the way. Follow my pregnancy online here:

WATCH VIDEO BELOW: WUSA9 is there when Hubby and me find out if we’re having a boy or a girl 

Oh My Baby! It's a…

What a wonderful experience finding out the sex of our child. My husband was there as well as Channel 9 capturing the whole thing. We got in there and I was as nervous as can be… in fact every sonogram I’ve been to I’ve been terribly nervous.. until I hear the heartbeat. Well we heard it! We saw it… we even got a close up and could see the 4 chambers of the heart. Truly amazing.

The sonographer Tom said that everything looks wonderful .. the only thing is that he/she is a little bigger than average! We’ve got a piggy in the making. 🙂 Tom said that that’s nothing to worry about at all.

So is it a boy or a girl? We now know for sure and Channel 9 holds the secret. WUSA’s Peggy Fox will be doing the story that will air next week… so until then I’m sworn to secrecy.. and YES it is killing me. Stay tuned… I’ll let you know the date and time.. and will definitely post the story here and on my Oh My BABY pat at

Kerry Reichs Writes Again + BIG Kicker

Her mother Kathy’s novels inspired the hit TV showBones so it’s no suprise that Kerry Reichs has some great writing  genes. We caught up with the novelist as she signed copies of her latest book called ‘Leaving Unknown‘ at Gazuza Lounge in NW.

Watch WUSA: Reich’s Book Launch at Gazuza Lounge

The author who spent the summer in China says parts of  her own life can be seen in the book about a girl finding her true self after gettin’ stuck in the middle of nowhere. (insert self here: Kerry you must’ve known I spent two years as a roving reporter lost in I-OH-WA)

[Upper Right: Kerry signs a copy for Steve Baker]

In line:  Charlie I Drink On the Job” Adler and Victoria Michael of VM Public Relations.

‘Leaving Unknown’ is novel #2. The Best Day Of Someone Else’s Life was Reich’s first.

By the bar: Matthew Christian Davis & Tina Cruikshank

The night’s kicker: 2 books down make room for baby. Reichs reveals she’s expecting a boy this summer.

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