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Why should anyone like us?

Any opportunity I get to tap into the minds behind the most powerful social network I’m gonna take it. At Gannett HQ I got the chance to attend a Q&A with Facebook Executives Andy Mitchell and Vadim Lavrusik . They gave great examples of how newsrooms and news personalities are using social networking and the “wisdom of the people” to strengthen credibility and conversation. According to Mitchell 50% of Facebook’s 750+ Million users return daily to check in. Their new mobile application already has 250 million tapping away. As a journalist it was helpful to see the different ways to search for sources, news and subjects.

They pointed out that their analytics which are what any brand really cares about, still has some kinks in it (like lack of customization, bad CTR, no way to track time spent on page or top content). Even with that  or lack thereof, it seems everyone is in a rat race to get more people to like them. Even though most newsrooms and managers are still trying to figure out what all this means. You may win the popularity contest online– but how this translates to breaking news consistently through use of fans, improving ratings and above all making some money have not been proven. Sorry.. there’s no answer or app for that.

I will say it was interesting to see how different news stations are vying to increase their Likeness. One promised only exclusive content while another embraced social good donating a bottle of water for every Like they got. Then there was the shop that promised viewers that for 3,000 likes they’d tase their weatherman. Of course it happened… and I agree with the Facebook guys– they could’ve had a higher goal. Talk about adding some real insult to injury.

From my observation– I feel people decide to “Like” a page when they get something free or if their friend asks them to do it. It’s that simple. I’ve had a lot of fun with it getting news tips, story ideas and viewer generated content I can share on-air.

With that, I’m interested in seeing how a page inspires you to pledge your allegiance. What does it take for you to give that virtual and now most highly valued “thumbs up.”

PS: Don’t forget to Like OMG on Facebook 😉

Royal Wedding Exclusive: The cake will be baked by…

We are 43 days away from the Royal Wedding and more sweet details are starting to surface. Today I got the scoop on who’s making Prince William and Kate’s wedding cake. I’m told the cake will be baked by one of the Armed Forces, most likely the Royal Navy. This is expected to be formally announced later this week. All of this according to our own Royals insider Hilary Fordwich… who’s dear friend is the former head of household at Buckingham Palace and who was also a planner of Prince Andrew and Fergie’s big day.

MORE: Royal Wedding recreated in DC

Fordwich who will join me on the 9NEWS Morning Show weekly leading up to the wedding says the Royal Navy has a fantastic catering corps at Chatham in Kent and they also baked the cake for Princess Diana and the Duchess of York. An insider tidbit: with the Armed Services they normally have one spare cake in case of emergency!

You may have read about other cakes that will be made for the wedding… Fordwich informs me that the Royal Couple is inundated with offers of food and particularly cakes. Recently a Welsh Hotel near Chester was in the news as the ones making ‘the cake’ but theirs like many others will be accepted and donated to ch



Weather Probs in VA & MD Mon AM

I’m tracking the weather related trouble spots throughout the morning rush. There are a number of downed trees blocking roads in Virginia and Maryland.


  • Inner loop at 66, Accident blocks right lane
  • 95 SB at Cardinal Drive, flooding and spin outs reported
  • Clara Barton Pkwy at Glen Echo
  • Rolling Rd at Treyfold Lane blocks all lanes. Traffic diverted.
  • Traffic lights out on Commerce Rd. at Backlick Rd.
  • Guinea Rd at Burnetta Dr, blocks both directions
  • Hooes Road at Beechwood Dr.
    Great Falls: Beach Mill Rd at Springvale Rd.
  • Butler Store Rd closed at Low Water Bridge due to flooding


  • S. Glen Rd between Glen Rd. and Glen Mill Rd. Downed wires reported too.
  • 21000 Block of Davis Mill Rad in Gaithersburg
  • 3800 Block of Inverness Dr. in Bethesda
  • Acacia Ave before Locust Ave. in Bethesda. Tree blocks both directions
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