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Photos: The Nursery

Many people have asked  about Adora’s room. Thanks to Katharine Hauschka we’ve got a couple shots. Originally I wanted an ‘all white’ theme but soon found that brown and neutral accents worked nicely. You wouldn’t think but it was really tough trying to find ‘all white’ stuff that went together. I like how it turned out even with the controversial Mona Lisa. 🙂

Nursery Update: Now we're Rockin'

So I’m not gonna lie about how I handled the call:

DAD: “Angie! We got you a rocker for the baby’s nursery, you’re gonna love it.”

ANGIE: ____

2 seconds later… 

ANGIE (thinks out loud): But dad, what if it doesn’t match??!?!!!!

HUBBY (daggers in his eyes.. quietly mouthing): ‘Let it go’

I quickly followed up with a oh thanks so much…. that’s so sweet.. and my dad promised to shoot me a pic of the new furniture from his iPhone. My instant panic was for no reason. My parents had found a hard wood, antique rocking chair at a.. YARDSALE!

How awesome is that. The thing is beautiful. I dressed it up with some rocking chair pads from Carousel Designs and then things got better. My friend Patty Rowland stopped by to give me a couple baby gifts including this gorgeous baby blanket her mother Donna Delozier made. It’s so soft and I was truly touched. I accented it with the Sleep Sheep I got from my news gal pal Alison Starling.

Dad can construct the crib, but keep him away from the bows

My father is so sweet… but could use some help in the bow tying department.

My dear mother Chin was to Ren’s rescue in no time. A big thank you to my father and husband for putting the crib together. I take credit for sheeting the mattress 🙂

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