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Kids in School, Stay Organized at Home

I had a really great time sharing some of my DIY organizing ideas on KLG & Hoda! Hope you find some of the tips helpful and if you have any questions feel free to contact me!


Jermaine wins.. Justin calls me out

Okay so I’m finally back to the East Coast.. my jet lag still has me all kinds of messed up and I’m a little behind posting my recap and pix from the grand finale. By now you know Jermaine Paul, the underdog in this vocal fight came out on top walking away with that sweet record deal with Universal. It was a crazy night and I think the highlight is between Adam Levine video bombing my LIVE shot (yeah I called him out!) or getting reduced to nothing by the Biebs. Here’s some pix of that finale day, I’m too tired to write more.

With the winner Jermaine who tells me he use to play clubs in DC.. like DC Live. He hopes to get back for more shows!

Hubba hubba!

Xtina didn’t do press but did the after party at Avalon. The Shields Brothers from VA share a moment.

Justin Bieber tells me if I wanted a pic I should’ve just asked for one.

I did.

He then smirked “Not now”

Interviewing Carson Daly

Assume our positions

Jose… wins the VOICE MVP



Carson gives Jermaine the card with his name as the winner on it!

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