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Do you remember your 'First Time'?

Yeah, yeah, yeah…it’s that touchy subject that some people blab to the world and others wish they could erase from their memory! Well now is the time to have a conversation about ‘My First Time.’ The off-broadway play is now here in DC. ‘My First Time’ was inspired by a website where people anonymously share their first sexual experience.

‘My First Time DC’ is produced by Hersh Narola and directed by Arpita Mukherjee

Meet the cast and crew!

This performance will have you laughing and reminiscing about YOUR first time, as four actors portray the true stories of ‘first times’ – from silly to sweet to sexy, and every experience in between. My First Time will be playing through the end of November at the Burke Theatre of US Navy Memorial and at Mead Theatre Lab at Flash Point. 

Purchase tickets HERE!

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By Rachel DeMita, Special to OMG

Video: DC Housewives Private Party, Salahi a No Show

Following a week of very public combative exchanges between Michaele Salahi and the media and Michaele Salahi and the rest of the girls.. the alleged White House party crasher decided not to attend Bravo’s official premiere party for the Housewives of DC. Michaele and hubby Tareq held their own premiere at a DC club downtown.  Read Full Story here…  Watch my report from the party including an interview with Mary Amons who admits there’s rising tension between the ladies.


We caught up with the rest of the gang… Lynda.. who told me after Tareq threw wine on her last week at a press junket she thought it would be only appropriate to remain a target by wearing Target. Cat looked striking in black… and told me she wears mostly vintage consigment dresses. Stacie sparkled like a gem and raved about how she longs to meet 9NEWS legend J.C. Hayward (who was on the guest list).  And my personal friend Mary.. as always was a perfect 10 and +1 for great personality.  Tune in to the WUSA Morning Show Friday.. I go one on one with Mary who reminds this is a show about 5 women not ‘one couple’.

Cat and Mary interviewed in the lobby at the Madison Hotel by EXTRA

PR maven Erika Gutierrez and Omarosa

 With Stacie

Lynda and Cat watched the show together

 Aba Kwawu and Paul Wharton, the 5th House Wife 😉

Korean 'Jersey Shore' Cast

A reality show that digs at my roots. I already love it.

The cast for K-Town has been set… an Asian-American reality show features 4 guys, 4 girls. According to Channel APA a pilot episode was shot this past weekend and involved heavy drinking, lotsa food and drama for your oh-ma . That’s mom in Korean.

More shots from the shooting of the pilot.. all I can say is I was born and raised in South Korea.. and never saw a native like this

Former 'West Winger' to Executive Produce DC Reality Show

Rob Lowe has teamed up with 44 Blue Productions (Locked Up) out of Los Angeles to executive produce ‘Potomac Fever.’ The docu-series will be set in DC and will follow real aspiring ambitious young politicos who are moving up the ranks of power in the Washington.

Lowe told Variety “I’ve always had an affinity for the adventures of young Washingtonians,” Lowe said. “They live and love at the center of world power. I can’t wait to tell their stories.”

Casting Call Sat: 'Big Brother' in DC

The Chen-Bot had a baby but she’s coming back for another round of ‘Big Brother’ and DC they wanna turn the cams on YOU!

Open casting call is tomorrow, April 10th between 1 and 4PM at Madam’s Organ. Get more info from

OMG 3/16/10: Clooney's GF, Elephant Parade, Foursquare Party

OMG on WUSA9 March 16, 2010

WASHINGTON, DC (WUSA)– Oh My GOFF! Angie reports on Kate Winslet’s breakup, George Clooney’s girlfriend has a new TV gig and Giselle returns to modeling after baby. Locally, elephants parade in DC, Metromix throws a Foursquare party and who are the Audrey Bouviers?

OMG 2/23/2010: Sexy Shakira in DC

Shakira at Hard Rock DC

OMG on WUSA9 February 23, 2010

WASHINGTON, DC (WUSA)– Oh My GOFF! Watch Angie’s report on Shakira in DC for charity. Plus more on viewers meeting Idol star Taylor Hicks, fans mad at Whitney Houston and the cast from ‘GLEE’ to perform at the White House.

OMG 12/30/2009: DWTS Champ Welcomes Baby

OMG on WUSA on December 30, 2009
DWTS’s Helio Castroneves welcomes a baby girl, MJ headlines the big stories of 2009, Peoples Choice Awards, Meet the Real World DC cast tonight, Toys for Tots and Redskins Footbal!

OMG 12/28/09: Cast Confirmed for Real World DC Party

OMG on WUSA TV on December 28, 2009

Last call to get on the list for the official Real World DC party sponsored by  Box office winners, Ricky Martin in DC with baby… and Angie’s Army reporter Milinda Jefferson on the 5LINX holiday event that inspires a community during tough times.

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