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Gilt City DC Garden Party at Halcyon House

DC trendsetters gather for a stylish garden party to welcome’s Gilt City DC!

Mommas ‘Shave for the Brave’


Danielle Leach of Arlington lost her son Mason in 2007.

That’s how many mothers are told each day that “your child has cancer.”

It’s why 46 moms are shaving their heads come September 21st at Union Station. 46 Mommas Shave for the Brave next month to honor their children and raise money and awareness for childhood cancer. The moms have lost a child to cancer or their child is currently undergoing treatment. I’m honored to emcee this event and hope that you will join us to cheer these moms on…many are local.

46 Mommas Shave for the Brave

September 21st 5-9PM

Union Station

Proceeds go to St. Baldrick’s Foundation to aid in childhood cancer research. For more information, visit ‘Shave for the Brave’, or their Facebook.


Designer discounts in Bethesda

The temperature is up, but not Bethesda Row’s prices. Bethesda Row hosted its Summer Sidewalk Sale with designer denim for as low as $25! Watch more on WUSA9’s morning show:

Garden Party Gets GiltCity DC Going

DC’s top trendsetters gathered on the lawn to welcome one of the leading designer discount websites to DC.

Gilt City Pres. Nathan Richardson,hosts Winston Lord, Juleanna Glover, Lindsay Czarniak & Craig Melvin & Gilt City DC Curator Marissa Schneider. Photo: Revamp

Summer fashion and fresh mint juleps set the mood for the Garden Party celebrating the launch of Gilt City DC. Gilt City DC is an expansion of the popular giving fashion and entertainment gurus access to deals for high-end spas, theater, vip washington parties and private movie screenings. Mint juleps and a hunky chef hard a work entertained guests at the historic Halcyon House on Prospect. Washington is one of 10 cities Gilt is specializing it’s offers.

Spotted in their summer garb: Ebong Eka, Laura Evans, Eun Yang, Lynda Erkiletian and Cat Ommanney, Winston Lord, Craig Melvin and Lindsay Czarniak, Tommy McFly, Katherine Kennedy, Kate Michael, Beautiful and expecting Juleanna Glover

“Honoring the Promise” with the Stars

Nancy Brinker addresses the crowd

“You are the future” Ambassador Nancy Brinker, founder of the Susan G. Komen Foundation told a crowd of young Washingtonians. We attended the Komen Young Professionals reception held at a pink-lit Peacock Cafe’ in Georgetown. The event help kick off the buzz for what promises to be one of the premiere events of the Fall: Komen’s “Honoring the Promise” Gala on October 28th at The Kennedy Center. Last year, the non-profit celebrated 30 years of trying to find a cure and saving lives along the way. Last year’s star-studded gala included presenters Laura Bush, Gabrielle Union, Cynthia Nixon, Tory Burch… performers like Olivia Newton John, Lynda Carter.. and the Australian pop star who’s dating one of the Jonas Brothers, Delta Goodrem. That passionate evening raised a phenomenal $2 million dollars.

MORE: Laura Bush, Tory Burch, Cynthia Nixon attend Komen Gala

This year the stage will shine bright again. DC favorite Rosario Dawson is already one of  the presenters confirmed. NBC’s Hoda Kotb, a breast cancer survivor will be the Master of Ceremonies. Jot this down, mark the calendar and get ready to break out that black tie or gorgeous gown for an evening of entertainment and special awards!

Watch Coverage of the Event Below on WUSA9


Friday, October 28th, 2011, 7:30 PM

Eisenhower Theater, The John F. Kennedy Center, Washington DC

More info: 202-636-8745

Kate Marie Grinold, Krista Johnson and Erica from Komen

WJLA’s Caroline Lyders and Alison Starling

With Young Professional Co-Chair Ashley Taylor


Protect your phone from being hacked

Based on your phone carrier depends how you can prevent your phone from being hacked by someone using a spoofing company. Watch the story… and below I’ve outline what you can do to protect your voicemail depending on what service provider you use.

1.Press and hold 1 to call into the voice mail system from your wireless device.
2.Press * to skip to the main menu.
3.Press 4 for personal options.
4.Press 2 for administrative options.
5.Press 1 for password options.
6.Press 1 to turn password on or off.
7.Press 2 to turn password on.
8.When prompted, enter your four- to 15-digit password, then press the # key.

1.Access your voice mail account from your Sprint phone.
2.Once in the main menu, choose “change personal options.”
3.Next, choose “administrative options.”
4.You will hear “skip passcode is currently turned on.” To turn it off, follow the prompts.
5.The passcode you originally created will be played to you. Be sure to remember it, as you will need to enter it to gain access to your voice mail in the future.

To turn off/on your voice mail password security, follow these steps:

1.Call your voice mailbox from your mobile phone by pressing and holding the 1 key or by dialing 123.
2.Once you arrive at your voice mailbox, press the * key to ensure you are in the main menu area.
3.To access the password security menu, press the 5 key.
4.To toggle your password on or off, press the 2 key.

Verizon is the one major cell carrier in the U.S. that requires you enter your PIN every time you access your voice mail. In fact, you have to jump through a little hoop if you want things set differently. So odds are, if you’re a Verizon customer, you’re already safe from this kind of an attack on your voice mail.

Change your default PIN
But you’re only as safe as your personal identification number. If you’ve never set up a PIN for your voice mail account, you might have a default one, and anyone could dial in from any number, use the default PIN, and listen to your messages. To keep your voice mail private, you should set up a PIN or change your default PIN as soon as you can.

If you set your PIN to something simple, like your address or birthday, you’re not completely at risk, but you are close. Try to use something unique that has no connection to your personal life. It doesn’t have to be hard to remember — something like 7676 works well — but unrelated to you. Taking this simple step can help ensure your private messages stay that way.

New in DC: Nectar Skin Bar (w/ outdoor services!)

Nectar Skin Bar opens in Georgetown and offers up treatments in their garden! Read more here..


Um ok I’m lying. I hate to floss.. and I’m married to a dentist so imagine how those night time conversations go. However, I love finding new ways to motivate me to do things that are good for me. I am thrilled to see friend and local cosmetic dentist Dr. Alex Naini join Dr. Oz’s panel of experts. Her first piece answers the question “Do I really need to floss?”  What I love about her advice is that it is the real deal. Like when she shares most people think they brush twice daily, their teeth are clean and they have fresh breath. Dr. Alex says “People usually don’t realize that their breath stinks and a lot of times their loved ones are too nice to tell them the truth.”

As you grab for that tic-tac.. chew on this: In her article Dr. Alex says if you’re going to pick between brushing and flossing, FLOSS! She repeats, FLOSS! Curious? Read more at Dr. Oz…

Dr. Alex Naini practices dentistry in McLean Virginia.

Click he article below to read more



Lights, Camera, Annebeth!

Tune in Tuesday July 19th to see Annebeth Heller help me out as a guest traffic reporter on the Morning Show! Annebeth pronounced Anna-beth is an upcoming 5th grader at Holton Arms School. 

Not only did Annebeth master Washington traffic she helped our Howard Bernstein deliver the weather report. We even had her wrap up the show at the end with the team.  Following the show Annebeth kicked it on the radio with Kirk McEwen and Mike O’Meara.  All agreed she’s ready for the big lights! GO PANTHERS!

Watch more of Annebeth’s reports here


Washington Journalist & Media Conference Recap

More than 150 High School journalists were in DC for the week long Washington Journalism and Media Conference hosted by George Mason University. More here..

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