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Protect your phone from being hacked

Based on your phone carrier depends how you can prevent your phone from being hacked by someone using a spoofing company. Watch the story… and below I’ve outline what you can do to protect your voicemail depending on what service provider you use.

1.Press and hold 1 to call into the voice mail system from your wireless device.
2.Press * to skip to the main menu.
3.Press 4 for personal options.
4.Press 2 for administrative options.
5.Press 1 for password options.
6.Press 1 to turn password on or off.
7.Press 2 to turn password on.
8.When prompted, enter your four- to 15-digit password, then press the # key.

1.Access your voice mail account from your Sprint phone.
2.Once in the main menu, choose “change personal options.”
3.Next, choose “administrative options.”
4.You will hear “skip passcode is currently turned on.” To turn it off, follow the prompts.
5.The passcode you originally created will be played to you. Be sure to remember it, as you will need to enter it to gain access to your voice mail in the future.

To turn off/on your voice mail password security, follow these steps:

1.Call your voice mailbox from your mobile phone by pressing and holding the 1 key or by dialing 123.
2.Once you arrive at your voice mailbox, press the * key to ensure you are in the main menu area.
3.To access the password security menu, press the 5 key.
4.To toggle your password on or off, press the 2 key.

Verizon is the one major cell carrier in the U.S. that requires you enter your PIN every time you access your voice mail. In fact, you have to jump through a little hoop if you want things set differently. So odds are, if you’re a Verizon customer, you’re already safe from this kind of an attack on your voice mail.

Change your default PIN
But you’re only as safe as your personal identification number. If you’ve never set up a PIN for your voice mail account, you might have a default one, and anyone could dial in from any number, use the default PIN, and listen to your messages. To keep your voice mail private, you should set up a PIN or change your default PIN as soon as you can.

If you set your PIN to something simple, like your address or birthday, you’re not completely at risk, but you are close. Try to use something unique that has no connection to your personal life. It doesn’t have to be hard to remember — something like 7676 works well — but unrelated to you. Taking this simple step can help ensure your private messages stay that way.

Wedding stalking.. and the unthinkable happens

I’m writing from West Virginia where me and lil Goff are staycationing. We were told that there was going to be a wedding on the estate and our first thoughts “Thank goodness we brought some dresses!” We realized during our dinner that the wedding was about to take place on the main quad, beautiful greens, rolling hills. It just so happens our suite overlooked the location. We hurried up to wrap up dinner so we could head to the suite to take advantage of our well our vantage point. Little did we know our wedding stalking would turn into hysterics. Take a look…

I'm giving up my phone.. can you?

It’s ‘No Phone Zone Day’ so I’m giving up my phone in my car. Tucked away everything is on silent… so I’m not tempted to answer a call or check a text.

In fact, I’m gonna take it a bit further. I’m just gonna turn off my phone. No calls, no email, no text… no nothing for Friday April 30th!

Meanwhile, WUSA9 has started a campaign called The Great Hang Up! We’re dedicated to informing the people of the DC area of the dangers of distracted driving and we are inviting you to join the movement to put down the phone while driving. It’s the Great Hang Up!

Just click the button on the right and print out 9NEWS NOW’s Great Hang Up Pledge. You can sign it and keep it in your car as a reminder.

We encourage teenagers, schools, moms, dads, and businesses all throughout the DC area to join the movement and be part of the Great Hang Up!

How do you like them cupcakes

Green bagels, cupcakes, the circus is in town.. what more could a girls ask for on her birthday. I admit it. It’s the best day to be born. For the rest of your life you know that no matter what there’s gonna be a party. Thank you so much for all of your bday wishes on my twitter and facebook page. I have such great friends and viewers. My traffic bud Kris even made me cupcakes and the newsroom gave me a big card. Birthday shout outs  for fellow green babies PR maven Jill Collins, Politico’s Tim Burger and OMG loyal reader and childhood bud Isabel Chacon Martinez!

Whether you’re trying to survive another year or the biggest drinking day on the calendar I hope it’s a good one.  My gift to you: Tips courtesy of the Geek Squad on saving your wet cell phone after it falls into a mug of green stuff! C’mon.. we’ve all been there.
1) Turn off phone and remove battery
2) Dry the phone (inside & out) with clean cloth
3) Check if you have beef jerky or uncooked rice
4) If Beef Jerky take the silica packet and put it in an airtight container with the phone and leave it overnight. If rice, pour the rice inside the airtight container and put your phone in the rice and leave overnight.
5) Replace battery and turn it on!

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