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Greenspring Village Chili Cook-Off

It’s been 12 years since I’ve been to Greenspring Village. Back in the day I was an intern at the senior living community when it was starting up it’s news station. More than a decade later it was a huge honor to be invited back to emcee their annual Chili Cook-Off. What I thought was so cool is that  now that little station is known as Channel 6 and they do a LIVE news show every day. Residents often anchor the newscasts! As for the event.. the people were so amazing and the food delicious! Congrats to resident Clint Lambert and staff member Chef Eric for winning Best in Show. Their chili will be entered in the big DC101 Chili Cook-off!

Big Winner Clint!



Foul Bean: What's up with chili cook-off Entry names

I don’t think I’ll ever volunteer to judge green chili again. Not because it doesn’t taste good (it tastes great) but perhaps because of how it looks… 22 times over. I’ll stick with red. Another thing I don’t get is why contestants insist on naming their prized bowl after things that trigger gag reflex. It appears many of them try to blow up just how hot their stuff is but in all reality don’t they know chili judges are told to pick something balanced with the right spice. I can’t post pics of many of the tents at the DC101 Chili Cook-Off but I’ve shared a couple below. Despite the names RFK smelled amazing!

Fellow judges WUSA9’s Anita Brikman and hubby support the National Kidney Foundation

More judges FOX5’s Will Thomas here with friends Barrie Friedman and Keith Melancon

Oh yeah,  that’s the aftertaste I’m looking for.

Left behind the hometown pride?

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