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She wore it best

Growing up I was captivated by my mother’s beauty. She was always so put together and had the most stylish clothes. My father called her “Foxy”  and more than 30 years later still does. I always loved this Christmas picture of my mom from 1985. After 26 years she finally let me borrow it. Would you ever wear your mom’s clothes?

My angry mother

You can’t get more angry than this. It just ain’t right.

Happy 80th Papa

My beloved Papa turned 80 years old! A very happy birthday to a man who has been our family’s rock for decades and is the best grandfather anyone could ask for.

Chin talks tech

Chin only does 3-D movies

Angie on phone: Good morning mom.

Chin: Hi, I didn’t watch your show this morning.

Angie: Oh, it’s okay mom. You don’t have to watch every show.

Chin: I was playing Angry Bird.

Angie: What?

Chin: I was too busy playing Angry Bird. How the H$&#! you get to level 5?

More of my Korean momisms here…


Ask Chin: Do you Djay?

It’s been some time since we’ve asked Chin anything. This time we wanna know if she can spin the decks. She’s not internationally known but I assure you she’s “Big in Herndon.”

For the fathers

I hope all the dads out there enjoy this Sunday set aside just for them! It’s extra special for us since we’ll be celebrating our first Father’s Day.

… and a very big thank you to dad and papa for loving us so much.


My Imperfect Family

So my older sister Tricia who lives in Texas was visiting for the last couple weeks. We don’t see her often and never know when the next chance will be. With that,  we of course had to seize the opportunity for family photos that are absolutely unofficial and unprofessional in every way. God Bless the digital camera and it’s ability to reveal who we really are.

Um.. which one of you needed to go out?

Something does not belong

Frame-able At Last!

Sad how time flies…

but what beautiful new things it brings along the way


You are the coolest mom by far. I love you and I love how you always make us laugh. Speaking of laughs.. dug this old Mother’s Day video up. The video that started the ASK CHIN craze.

Awesome Nana!

Day at the farm

Breathtaking. It’s the best word to describe the view in Bluemont Virginia. This past weekend I took Adora to Great Country Farms for their annual Easter Egg hunt and Marshmallow Harvest. It  was such a special day. In addition to meeting the Easter Bunny we got to feed the farm animals like the emu and ponies. The cutest sight were the new litter of piglets.. who had me empathizing with momma pig see pic and LOL! Great Country Farms is open throughout the year for families and has a gazillion things for kids to do. I plan to return to check out the vineyard for a little wine tasting when things get warmer. I love discovering new nuggets of fun in the area. It really is like a whole new world just a scenic car ride away. Watch my report on WUSA9’s morning show below…


Mom's "American Idol" Audition

In anticipation of tonight’s American Idol premiere.. my mother, the infamous CHIN shows us what she’s got.

This year “Idol” is letting contestants perform their OWN music for the first time. With this in mind Chin decided to audition in her native Korean.

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