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Pick of the Day: Peace, momma

My mother, the famous CHIN keeping the peace during my move to the new condo.. with iPad loaded with the latest slot machine games.  She was a winner for hours.

I'm sick, my secret pastey weapon

When you’re sick you eat chicken noodle, when I’m sick bring on the Korean brown noodles baby! Big thanks to Chin, my oma for delivering some jajangmyun my way. The black bean paste and noodles just may do the trick. Hope to be back at work tomorrow.. Feel free to share your ‘get well’ wonders that work.

Please don't leggo my eggo


My hubby and me were gonna wait a little while and just when we figured it out this comes along and freaks me out. An unsettling report this morning on women and making babies. WUSA9 ran a story on a new study that says potential baby mama’s have less time than originally thought when it comes to our egg reserve. Here’s what British researchers found:

  • COOL: Avg woman starts out with 300,000 potentially viable eggs. 
  • WE KNEW THIS: She steadily loses that reserve. 
  • EEK!: By age 30, nearly 90 percent have been lost. 
  • 🙁 By age 40, only 3 percent are left, with a higher proportion of abnormal eggs.My Birthday with Mom & Dad

My colleague Andrea Roane and I immediately thought: “I hope Chin is not watching!”  My mother has been banned from using the words ‘make baby’ in my presence. But then I realized this report really did bother me.  I see so many women in their 30’s and 40’s waiting to have children especially in my line of work.  Ugh, what gives… obviously not my ovaries as much as I thought they would.

Read the entire story at or watch it here:

SCORE! Purse Pass-Me-Downs

Old Bordeaux Bag

Some daughters revel in receiving heirloom jewelry from mom. I wait for Chin to pass on her purse.  This week she gave me two extraordinary pieces. A vintage Chanel that needs to be taken to the shoe shop for repair… and an amazing 100% eel skin shoulder bag.

How about you? What do you wait for and cherish?

To be fixed

Have you ever tried pig's feet

Chin's spicey/garlic pigs feet

As a child I remember eating them dipped in a salt mix we’d get from “back gate” when we lived in Hannam Village. Hannam was US territory in Seoul Korea although it wasn’t on the ARMY base. When you went “back gate”  you left the village into real Korea. We loved it ’cause for 100 Won (about a quarter) we jumped on trampolines for 10 mins… so high we could see over the brick wall that separated the two worlds.

My chingoos (friends in Korean) could agree back then you could get a lot for 100 won. Things like spicey korean rice cake (duk-boki) and cooked flavored sugar on a stick that melted in your mouth upon impact.

[Picture: Enjoying them last night, flavored by Chin with spicey sauce and garlic. Below: Playing on the monkey bars on a playground in Hannam Village in the 80’s]

Hannam Village

My Dad, the hero and dummy

Chin & Ren Married 37 Years

As a traffic anchor I know the dangers of sunglare which is why I often remind viewers to “bring the shades” when my camera shots are turning up hot. Today my dad Ren was with the infamous Chin headed to a medical appt when he witnessed a woman who couldn’t see the light go through a busy Fairfax Co. intersection at 40-50 mph. He knew it was gonna be bad … and CRASH…. a truck, another car and the woman’s vehicle collided sending her into what appeared to be a never ending spin out.Ren quickly pulled aside after watching smoke engulf the car. He noticed the woman could not get out. He couldn’t get her driver’s door open and pulled SO hard he ripped the handle off the door (insert gun show here). He finally managed to get open the back door where he pulled the lady through carefully as she talked him through where she was feeling pain. Dad said Fairfax Co was there in a jiffy…as was EMS and they kept the woman laid out in the back of his Honda Odyssey til they could take her to the hospital.

I say dad’s a hero.Back Then
Ask Chin and she says “He’s a dummy”
(she declined to go on camera for another ‘ask chin’)

Now it’s not that Chin isn’t compassionate… but as a wife who dearly loves her husband she was in fear. She followed with “What if the car blew up?” I can understand that. Ren responded “I wasn’t even thinking about it.”

In news, I’ve covered a share of tragedies, near tragedies and tales of inspiration. The truth is you NEVER know how you’re gonna react until you’re put in a real game-time-decision role. We’ve seen the horrific stories of the man hit by a car and no one stopping to help. Or the teen who’s being repeatedly raped in front a crowd… and no one speaks out.

I just wanted to share a story that reminds me how lucky we are to have real heroes in our everyday lives. I urge you to take time today to thank or send a note to those you know would do anything for you… or a perfect stranger.

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