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The Little Chocolate Shop that Could

Here’s a story about two Korean-American sisters who pursued a dream to keep their family together. Ginger and Frances Park founded DC’s first chocolate shop more than 30 years ago. Behind the sweets is a beautiful story of survival, strength and heritage.
Loved telling their story!

‘Chocolate Chocolate’ is twice as sweet

Here’s a sweet story! The ‘Chocolate Chocolate’ launch party included a signing by the sisters while guests enjoyed gourmet chocolate and wine. READ¬†MORE about the launch party! The next book signing is set for next Thursday, June 2nd at One More Page in Arlington.
When their beloved father died, all the Park sisters had left were each other and a small inheritance. In remembrance of their father and his love for confections, Frances and Ginger Park opened a small chocolate shop in DC called Chocolate Chocolate.

Twenty-six years later, the once run-down, falling apart chocolate shop is now a staple on Connecticut Ave. and an essential must-try in DC. The Park sisters celebrate their success and have published a book ‘Chocolate Chocolate’.

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