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Make a Chocolate Graveyard Cake

graveyard cake1My daughter and I decided to create a graveyard cake the week before Halloween. We are chocolate lovers but you can make this cake with any cake mix.

We used an organic chocolate mix from Whole Foods. I whipped the frosting together but you can use any frosting as long as it’s darker. Give the kiddos the task to crush the chocolate cookies (oreos work well). Another good job for them is breaking pretzel sticks in half to make the pathway. Adora loved sticking the Ghost Peeps on lollipop sticks too. The tombstones are made from milano cookies that we just decorated. Frost the cake, sprinkle the cookie crumbs on and the green sprinkles where you want grass. We put extra cookie crumbs on the path to make it look more like a dirt road.  graveyard cake

Hearts to you!

Hope everyone enjoys the love surrounding them this Valentine’s and everyday! I surprised Adora with her Valentine after she woke up. It was so funny. She didn’t know what to do.. but as you can see soon figured it out. EAT CHOCOLATE!

Shocked when she walked out of my room!








We're about to get 'EXTREMELY' tasty!

Calling all foodies: get your utensils ready because ‘A Night of Extreme Taste’ is coming to DC! On September 30, chefs and bon vivants will gather at the DC Ritz Carlton to celebrate the Jerome Girardot Foundation‘s 2nd annual event. 

  Check out some of the featured chefs!

‘A Night of Extreme Taste’ will feature 28 of the nation’s most talented celebrity chefs, over 13 savory stations, and a grand showpiece made entirely of chocolate.  Guests will have unlimited access to tasty treats and a chance to mingle with top chefs… a culinary experience of a lifetime!

For more information and to purchase tickets, visit

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