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Brunch of Laughs

What a great way to wrap the weekend. The morning crew gathered for a nice brunch at Chadwick’s in NW after the show. It’s always great when there’s no deadlines and we can just relax, laugh and catch up.

Josh Kranzberg, Chris Gordon and Andy Salsman

With Deb Gordon and Charlitta Rodrigues

Super Bowl Spread

Man, I breathed through my mouth the entire show to avoid being teased by the awesome Super Bowl spread Wildfire brought into the studio this morning. Chris Gordon (who did his 1st cooking segment ever!) joined Chef Eddie Ishaq to make some awesome finger foods for those planning a Super Bowl party! Check out Chef Eddie’s easy tips and recipe come gameday on

David Gregory on South Carolina

New poll numbers show Mitt Romney with a big lead in South Carolina… in a state known for “picking Republican Presidents” can anything stop the GOP frontrunner?

PRESS Pass: Suze Oreman on the Economy

Meet the Press moderator David Gregory joins us in studio with a look ahead of next Saturday.

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David Gregory recaps debate in studio

Meet the Press Moderator David Gregory stopped by the morning show to talk about who gained and lost momentum after Saturday night’s debate in Iowa. A look at how the race for the Republican nomination is shaping up.

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