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The Nationals have clinched the NL East title and to show solidarity with the team… our guys at #NBC4 are growing out their playoff beards. What? You expect me to sit back, relax and let them have all the fun. No way! Go #NATS!

Chuck this weekend let it go:

Richard has some catching up to.

Handly and Kammerer happy to grow:

VIDEO: We take the challenge

With a little help Melissa Mollet and I take the ALS Ice bucket challenge.

Back to work

Cannot believe it’s been 8 weeks! So great to see the boys again!

Eggs up!

Wishing everyone a wonderful Easter! This is such a great time to reflect on the Greatest love of all. Hope you get to spend this holiday with friends and loved ones. Don’t forget to eat a lot of chocolate too!
My News4 Fam Easter morning!

Easter is a holiday with a lot to celebrate. There was gelato:


A visit to the zooIMG_2908

More bunnies      IMG_2934

A secret drop off from the bunny! IMG_2943

An Adora mini me!

IMG_2949Great weather.. hello Spring! IMG_2850

A time to hunt!


and sweet discoveries!



Great St. Pat’s

I think St. Patty’s is the best day to have a birthday. Everyone is always in such a fun and festive mood. It started with big chocolate cake and cookies for breakfast thanks to the my awesome morning friends at News4.  You can see the boys got into the St Pat’s spirit too.

Then after work it was all about a long nap and then spending the day with my family.We did a little shopping and then got together for dinner and laughs. Hope everyone had a great holiday… I can’t wait until next year when I can really celebrate with some brew like the rest of you!

Some shoe shopping

Nephew Knox came out to celebrate

Everyone had a jolly old time!





Getting Real with Al Roker

What a delight! Weather funny man Al Roker joined us in studio to talk about his amazing weight loss journey. He talked about some very personal stories that made him make a commitment to never go back to the 340 lb. man that he was.

MORE: Al’s New Book “Never Goin’ Back”

Of course along with the serious talk came a share of laughs. Al Roker rocks and continues to be such an inspiration to those who battle their weight every day.

As someone who has fought this battle throughout most of my life I could relate on so many fronts. He was funny in talking about don’t give a fat person advice.. “we know that we’re fat!’ he exclaimed.  He talked about how wanting to lose weight has to be a very personal decision.. you do it for yourself not anyone else or anything. He suggested small steps in everyday life to start out. For instance if you’re headed to his book signing at Tysons Corner tonight… he suggested to park as far away from the mall as possible and make the walk.

Watch our interview below:

View more videos at:

Co-Worker Christmas Gifts… Get Personal

I love my co-anchors. They really are like family. I was trying to find the perfect gift when I was inspired by two people who work in morning TV and always look like they’re having a lot of fun. After I saw Hoda & Kathie Lee reveal their new mugs.. with their mugs on them.. the light bulb went off!
I started searching for caricature and graphic artists in our area who could do the job. That’s when I discovered the super talented Neal Jones. I literally sent him an iPhone pic and voila he sketched and then inked this awesome caricature of the weekend morning crew. I love the detail.. everything from Chuck’s OU mug to Richard’s mic clip.

In return… I got some great gifts. Chuck.. who is worried I may be rushed to the ER because I have glass in my ear.. got me a bullet proof smarphone case.

Richard looking ahead to 2013 got us matching team shirts for our future ping pong tourney at NBC4. Don’t mess with Team Rangie! He also got me a nice cuff and jewelry box– which is great considering I’m still using a shoe box for my baubles.

Earlier in the week.. we got the crew together and did a yummy McDonald’s breakfast! Nothing says I appreciate you more than egg mcmuffins, hashbrowns and hot coffee!  In a newsroom where everyone has an opinion on everything.. one thing we can agree on is our love for food. It’s been an awesome year and I’m so grateful for my colleagues and friends. Happy Holidays from all of us at NBC4.

Our morning peeps who make it happen: Kevin Williams, Josh Kranzberg, Seth Lemon and Naomi Staneski

McDonald’s Jessie Flynn and Kimberly Scott

Sat AM Rundown: August 25, 2012

If you miss me, Richard and Chuck at 6am… don’t forget to tune in at 9! We’re working on putting together a great Saturday morning show.

– Train Derailment: loved ones and friends of two young women who died in the Ellicott City accident prepare to say goodbye.

– Empire State Building shootings… what we know about the alleged shooter

– Clinton Portis stops by the studio to take a look back at his career and crazy outfits

– Decision 2012: Gearing up before the Republic National Convention

-Back To School preps for Montgomery County and Fairfax County

– Chuck is tracking Issac

– Best of Suburbia 2012 revealed

– Loudoun ladies know how to work it- Fall Fashion Preview

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Cake for breakfast

Kate Middleton who? There’s a real princess in the media and she’s got the crown, sash and cake fit for a queen (DQ baby!) to prove it. Happy birthday to producer Charlitta Rodrigues. Not only is she stylish.. she’s smart and sweeter than the two cakes our weekend morning crew got her put together. (Yet another example of how those in the communications business are perhaps the worst at communicating themselves) At least the misunderstanding means MORE CAKE FOR YOU!

Happy birthday princess

Charlitta wishes for no more chyron glitches

Josh sometimes struggles sharing the spotlight.. Keep Calm and Kranzberg On

How can we focus on the birthday girl when T-rock has THOSE shoes on. Hey 1997 called.. and you know what they want back boy!




You’re only weekend morning news

We got our own promo for the weekend morning show. Very simple.. to the point. What do you think?

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