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Jewelry with a message

Love and courage – are two of the prominent messages that Mercedes Salazar incorporates into her one-of-a-kind jewelry that are handmade by native Columbians.

Salazar introduced her art-like jewelry collection to DC with a VIP reception and trunk show in Georgetown. The private event was held at M29 Lifestyle where guests were able to speak to Salazar herself and try on the fine jewelry.

Salazar uses resin, semi-precious stones, silk and feathers in her pieces and finds inspiration from characters from an enchanted forest and fairy tales.


To hang or not to hang: Nursery Painting Controversy

I am a big fan of Colombian figurative artist Fernando Botero known for his ‘larger than life’ style. I fell in love with his ‘Mona Lisa, Age 12’ and thought it would add some renaissance to my mostly white nursery with gold accents. I got the canvas oil painting and had a frame made for it.  Before hangin it above the changing table I sent an iPhone pic out to the hubby and siblings for reaction.  This is how it went…

Angie: I present… Baby Mona Lisa

Sister Jenny: Did someone “fat booth” Mona Lisa? (for those of you who don’t know ‘fat booth’ is my fave iPhone app, it makes people really fat after you take a pic of them)

Husband:  ….a very disturbing picture.  It looks like a female Chucky doll with boobs!

Sister Tricia: I think it is hilarious!  But, if it scares the baby, you might just put it in the bathroom across from the toilet.

Sister Jenny: I’ve never seen a baby with so much cleavage

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