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Don’t gawk, Swap!

Everyone has that one friend whose wardrobe is to die for! If you’re like me, you and your best friend may borrow each others favorite shoes or perfect accessories from time to time. Why borrow when you can own. Thanks to “The Swapaholics” Amy Chase & Melissa Massello, you can forget borrowing because there is a new way to get exactly what you want from friends for FREE.

USA TODAY: Swapping Not Shopping
PHOTOS: Swap party recaps

Amy and Melissa, the self proclaimed “The Swapaholics,” have a drawer full of tips for hosting your own clothing swap party. The gals explain this is a budget-friendly way to keep that wardrobe updated without breaking the bank.
The dress-up duo will be in DC Thursday, July 14th, from 6-9pm hosting one of their swaps. Participants bring a bag of gently loved fashions, which Amy & Melissa curate into a “swap boutique,” and at 8pm sharp, the swapping begins.

Perhaps the best part? Everything leftover from the night will be donated to Goodwill of Greater Washington to be sold in their shops to raise money for their job training and empowerment programs. is this year’s event sponsor.

Written by Mikea Turner, Special to OMG

New Airline Fees… for SUMMER flying?!?

Today a report our consumer reporter did really disturbed me. I fly almost every other weekend  but I don’t think it’s news that will p-OFF just the frequent travelers out there.

USA Today reports airliners have increased what you’ll pay for a flight nearly EVERY day this summer by tacking on a surcharge for flying on a ‘peak travel day.’ The paper says that they’re trying to do this ‘quietly.’ SAY WHAT?!? This is worse than my recent recap of when I asked a flight attendant about gum all over my seatbelt and she proceeded to wrap my barf bag around it to keep it from getting on my close.  See pic.

We’re talking anywhere from $10 to $30 Each one-way domestic flight, is referenced in this data. So how does it break down, USA Today says for a family of four, the extra charge could add up to $240 plus to the cost of a round trip this summer.

It’s like they’re making Memorial Day Weekend every day this summer season. What nerve.

Which airlines to look out for:  American, Delta, Continental, United and US Airways— have surcharges on most flights on 73 of 74 days June 10 through Aug. 22. The only day without a surcharge is July 4, usually one of the summer’s least-busy travel days.

 On a brighter and lighter note, Southwest and JetBlue have no surcharges on any flights.

Flippin' FREE Tuesday: IHOP Pancakes

Free Pancakes Feb 23, 2010

Let me butter you up with a free short stack this Tuesday from IHOP.  It’s part of the  National Pancake Day Celebration to Benefit Children’s Miracle Network and other local charities. This year IHOP hopes to stack up more donations for the kids with a fundraising goal of $1.75 million.  To find the participating places between 7AM-5PM near you visit

Since we’re on the topic of breakfast food check out this grub from Felix in Soho. Giovanna orderd the french toast with fresh fruit… while I went with poached eggs and a northern fave- fries with salad. Side note: I couldn’t help but notice all the servers were good looking men, the bartender the stand alone woman. Needless to say, nothing for us ladies to complain about 😉

Felix's French Toast

Felix's Poached Eggs

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