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Pitch Pit: Distilled Intelligence 2.0

A CEO pitches hoping not to get GONGED for going over the time limit

It was brain overload at Distilled Intelligence 2012. This is essentially a monsterous pitch competition for startup companies. 100 companies went to task.. delivering their pitches under three minutes. It was pretty amazing to watch. Between the 6 winning companies $100,000 was split! and Speek– 1st Place $35,000.00 each
Aquicore and CampEasy – 2nd Place $10,000.00 each
Kahnoodle and TestaGames – 3rd Place $5,000.00 each

I had the honor of hosting the Fireside Chat with Microsoft VP of Strategic and Emerging Business Development Dan’l Lewin. Did you know he was with Apple when it was essentially a startup. He also was a Princeton classmate of Google’s Eric Schmidt. We couldn’t get him to tell any good stories… as Dan’l mention Eric has stories on him too. Dan’l did talk about what’s new and perhaps what could be the next big thing. As a good businessman he couldn’t be too forward with this question but did say a lot is going on in infrastructure technology – big data and machine learning.Dan’l also talked more about Microsoft’s BizSpark program and how it can help. The operational program provides tools and software to promising startups for free.

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