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A family happy Halloween

Now all we have left to do is follow the yellow brick road! Happy Halloween to everyone!




But we were outdone by my sister and hubby… St least by weight class..


By the power of Grayskull

Happy Halloween from He-Man and She -Ra!



We Soy Funny on Halloween

So this is how we roll. Sushi, California Roll, Sushi Chef and the all important Soy Sauce. We had such a great time at a neighborhood block party before Adora ventured out for her first trick or treat experience. She did very well… but ended up with no candy. She’s in a big sharing phase and literally gave all her candy away to other kids. Piece by piece I watched (my future reese’s) drop into other pails. In the end it was indeed a very sweet holiday in many ways.

Giving my candy away

Knox is Spoiled Rotten sushi!


Costume #1 Revealed

Guess Who?

Don’t blink… monkey moves fast

Where’s the bananas?


Baffled by the cardboard box

47% people said that their favorite thing to play with as a kid was a cardboard box. My daughter is going on 9 months and she’s already starting to show signs of  box obsession. My mother recently told me that boxes were my toy of choice as a child. Today one of Adora’s halloween costumes came in (can you guess it?) and she went nuts. Not for the costume of course… just for the cardboard.  I still don’t get it.


A storybook storyboard…

The dream is over. We survived the sun blistering weekend down south at the Magical Kingdom.

We played the part…











at times the excitement was too much

but we met some friendly mice

Some were not impressed by Cindy’s castle

Waited 40 minutes for the happiest cruise that ever sailed.

Adora sees It’s a Small World.. sort of

Afterwards, we continued our doll hunt for Mulan

No luck.. so we settled for some silly ears.

And flew back to DC leaving the party at the happiest place.. behind.

She's 3!

Birthday shout out to my beautiful niece Caelyn Chin who turns 3 today! She’s grown so much over the last few years…

The birthday princess

Caelyn’s first cake, turning 1

The most beautiful flower baby

Obamas, Glee, Elmo at Easter Egg Roll

I got up at 1:00 AM for one of the funnest assignments I’ve ever had. Covering the White House Easter Egg Roll. I thought wedges would be great for the lawn affair but soon realized the open-toewas no match for the early morning dew! Probably more uncomfortable than me were the dozens of characters in mascot uniforms… OMG proudly scored the first on-cam interview with the Roll’s power couple: Mr & Mrs Bunny.

See my wusa9 report below that includes the First Family, Glee’s performance, my basketball skills and interview with Elmo!

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