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Learning how to crack crabs

It’s a shame.

I call this place home and I still don’t know how to crack a Maryland crab. In fact, it’s why I won’t order them or lobster.. unless they are pre-cracked. It’s not because I’m lazy… it’s because it’s intimidating.

Fear no more… Chef John Shields of PBS Food’s Coastal Cooking give me a lesson in Crab cracking 101 at Wildfire Restaurant!

RECIPE: Maryland Crabcakes

For recipes check out John’s website. If you have a good one or any tips to the tricky business of cracking crabs.. please feel free to share!

View more videos at:

The Claws Come Out!

I feel like Maryland crabs are hit or miss and it’s not a matter of how they taste but how much work goes into them.

Check out my Channel 9 report on the claws coming out big time at in Crisfield… the ‘Crab Capital of the World’

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