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Culture and Kids

A while ago I wrote about putting my 2 year old in Mandarin classes. We’ve since switched to Spanish because it just works out better with our schedule. Well when a friend sent me a link to these cool wooden blocks I had to get them. They’re Korean Character Blocks and what’s real cool is that the word is in English and there’s a pronunciation on one side of the block. Yeah, Adora is only into stacking them and knocking them down right now.. but I figure over time it will be a great learning tool.

Now I wanna get this book to the right! This is gonna get addictive.

Why you want to be on “The List”

Littman with list members Jody Arlington and Tom Rosenstiel

As a city full of power players, Washington loves a good list. But there’s one you won’t find printed in the paper, on the cover of a magazine or posted on a popular media blog.

The List: 2012 Best Books, Films & Music

It’s one of the most exclusive lists inside the Beltway. Technology industry lobbyist Drew Littman is behind it.

For nearly 15 years, Littman has hand-picked a list of people  who react and respond via email over the top picks in film, books and music.

View more videos at:

Inspiration comes daily.. with a click

What a gem for art lovers in the district.  ‘Head for Art’ is a ‘hub’ of art activites that will keep creatives satisfied 365 days a year.  Everyday, Cambridge graduate, writer and artista, Aleid Schneider-Ford, chooses one art work from DC’s National Gallery of Art and then discusses the piece in her post. 

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Ford’s blog,  ‘Art 2010’, explores new ways of exploring life and just by opening our eyes and mind to art.  ‘Head for Art’ also includes ‘on tour’ experiences to exciting destinations, links to Ford’s published work, and archives of previous days’ posts. 

 Visit ‘Head for Art’ now!  

Oh Snap! Best of Peru

On the morning show today I reported on a cultural party that had ALPACA fashion on the forefront!An Alpaca fan (I own a wrap see picture)  I was happy to see the threads showcased at Washington Life Magazine’s ‘Best of Peru’ party at the Textile Museum.

Exclusive: WL ‘Best of Peru’ found in Washington DC
Watch: Angie’s ‘Best of Peru’ report on Channel 9

Mio restaurant owner Karla Espinoza pictured on right with Evelyn Brooks of Evelyn Brooks Designs wowed the crowd with her ceviche and seafood causa. Indulging in Peruvian food and music were DC social butterflies Pamela Sorensen, Heather Guay, Cheryl Romero and Allison Brooks. There was a lot of music and home decor also on display!

Heather, Pamela, Cheryl & Allison toast Peru

My Alpaca Wrap… a gift from reporter buddy Kristin Fisher who did a story on a local Alpaca Farm

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