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The “S” Factor

The Capitol Area Fashion and Beauty Bloggers (CapFABB) and lingerie shop Sylene hosted a fun event that involved bloggers and lots of bras! Sylene owner Cyla Weiner came up with the “S Factor”– the 6 bras every woman should own: Seamless, Sexy, Specialty, Spa, Sport and Strapless. With champagne and cupcakes bloggers mingled and even enjoyed free fittings. Two winners in the end were crowned… Liz Fassbender of So Much to Smile About and Katherine N. of Healthy Glow. They each got 3 new bras! Photos by Joy Asico.


Nursing: Never so pretty

I didn’t realize that I had to buy MORE maternity stuff after I had Adora. Then I realized how important finding the right nursing bra really is. I got a couple from the lactation specialist at the hospital but as you can imagine they weren’t the prettiest things.

Once I got home and a little settled I knew it was time to call ‘The Bra Lady’ Cyla Weiner of SYLENE DC. I knew Cyla would 1) help me find the right size AGAIN (um, they get bigger ladies!) and 2) have something pretty. I, like many women wrongly assumed anything with ‘nursing’ attached to it could not be attractive.

After trying on different styles and sizes I decided on a gorgeous patterned piece by Cake Lingerie  and a more traditional underwired nursing bra by Anita maternity. Cyla says you’ll get a lot of mileage out of the latter.  I took these pictures with my iPhone so sorry they look a little dim. As you can see Cyla has set the ‘blueberry bra’ on me on the last hook. She says that’s important when you first buy since you want to be able to make the band smaller as time passes and you start to drop the baby weight and swelling. Read more about my pregnancy and postpartum at WUSA9’s

ps- on the way out I saw the most amazing SPANX product yet. The Reversible Tights. One side is brown … the other is black. You can also get one side black and the other grey. Who’d a thunk? Two colors in one, so worth the price.


Busting out and feeling beautiful

Some would say one the blessings of pregnancy is a woman’s changing cup size.

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Anyone who’s been through the process knows how unpredictable and uncomfortable it can be. That’s why I turned to a local expert to find what feels good and looks good.  Cyla at Sylene in Chevy Chase has been helping women, expecting moms and breast cancer survivors with finding the best and flattering fit for years.  I’m a little more than 2 months away from having my baby. I met with Cyla who measured how much I’ve grown and we discovered my band width is bigger. After trying a variety of different brands and designs I settle on two beautiful pieces. In my opinion you really only need two good ones to get you through this time- a nude and a black bra.  Your size will change again so it’s not worth buying a ton of bras you won’t be able to wear later. Plus you’ll wanna save for later… 2-3 weeks before you deliver Cyla recommends coming in for your nursing bras. I’m scheduled to do that at the end of November. She has the most beautiful collection of nursing bras and intimates– I never knew motherhood could be so sexy!

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