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Big day to be born!

So today is a historic day as Will and Kate welcome a little prince, heir to the throne! But there’s an even bigger birthday to celebrate in our family.  We call him Saint Ren (the man had three daughters and chin aka wife) but to the rest of the world he’s known as our dad. Happy birthday daddy. We are so lucky to have you in our lives. What better way to celebrate than lighting your fave– an apple fritter! We love you.


Do you ever…

wish a certain moment was frozen in time?

Happy Birthday

to the most magnificent man in the world- dad.

Jenny Kim makes dad a cake.

For the fathers

I hope all the dads out there enjoy this Sunday set aside just for them! It’s extra special for us since we’ll be celebrating our first Father’s Day.

… and a very big thank you to dad and papa for loving us so much.


Our first child

It was the tiniest thing I ever decided to put my whole life into. ~ Terri Guillemets

Named in honor of my grandmother and the hubby’s great grandmother we are happy to introduce to the world 

Adora Kate Ellis

Born December 2, 2010 in Washington DC. At 8:31 in the morning. 7 pounds 15 ounces. 19 1/4 inches long.


Happy Birthday Hero… Daddy

Cheers to the man who has filled me with love and laughter all my life. I love you daddy. Happy Birthday.

My Dad, the hero and dummy

Chin & Ren Married 37 Years

As a traffic anchor I know the dangers of sunglare which is why I often remind viewers to “bring the shades” when my camera shots are turning up hot. Today my dad Ren was with the infamous Chin headed to a medical appt when he witnessed a woman who couldn’t see the light go through a busy Fairfax Co. intersection at 40-50 mph. He knew it was gonna be bad … and CRASH…. a truck, another car and the woman’s vehicle collided sending her into what appeared to be a never ending spin out.Ren quickly pulled aside after watching smoke engulf the car. He noticed the woman could not get out. He couldn’t get her driver’s door open and pulled SO hard he ripped the handle off the door (insert gun show here). He finally managed to get open the back door where he pulled the lady through carefully as she talked him through where she was feeling pain. Dad said Fairfax Co was there in a jiffy…as was EMS and they kept the woman laid out in the back of his Honda Odyssey til they could take her to the hospital.

I say dad’s a hero.Back Then
Ask Chin and she says “He’s a dummy”
(she declined to go on camera for another ‘ask chin’)

Now it’s not that Chin isn’t compassionate… but as a wife who dearly loves her husband she was in fear. She followed with “What if the car blew up?” I can understand that. Ren responded “I wasn’t even thinking about it.”

In news, I’ve covered a share of tragedies, near tragedies and tales of inspiration. The truth is you NEVER know how you’re gonna react until you’re put in a real game-time-decision role. We’ve seen the horrific stories of the man hit by a car and no one stopping to help. Or the teen who’s being repeatedly raped in front a crowd… and no one speaks out.

I just wanted to share a story that reminds me how lucky we are to have real heroes in our everyday lives. I urge you to take time today to thank or send a note to those you know would do anything for you… or a perfect stranger.

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