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Social media training with the Wizard Girls

It was a different scene at the Verizon Center Thursday night. No crazy traffic, loud fans and the court was dark. But bright, bubbly and and so inviting were the Wizard Girls sans uniform.

WPGC's Guy Lambert does faux interviews

They showed up for a couple hours of social media training with me and WPGC’s Guy Lambert. We spent an hour or so talking about the importance ofyour online reputation. Polishing up your profiles, getting rid of anything you may want to hide down the road. Remember the first stuff that pops up when people search you online is the most important to your online/professional reputation. Consider it your first impression.

I also gave them so tools I think would work for what they do. They engage with the audience not just with their performances on the court but also with the many media appearances and charity events they are involved with. With lots of photo opportunities I suggested they start their own Pinterest board. I also think it would be great to see more of the behind-the-scenes of the day in the life of a dancer. (Sorry guys- no locker room shots) I’m talking more.. about capturing video minutes before hitting the floor for half time, fun road trips, interesting facts about the gals. Many of them have high powered careers.. it would be cools to see another side of them. I suggested getting on Tout or Social Cam and start sharing.

For the second half of the training..things got real fun. WPGC’s news director Guy Lambert helped guide the ladies on handling controversial interviews or downright dirty or offensive questions… i.e. what player’s baby would you have? The ladies did awesome and we walked away with a lot of laughs and most of all great ways to deal with uncomfortable media moments.

Thanks Wizard Girls for having us… next time we’ll take you up on teaching US a number!

@GuyLambertNews: I had a BLAST co-hosting “Media Training for Wizard Girls” w/ NBC 4’s @ohmygoff!

Secretly 'UNTAMED'

We took a walk on the wild side thanks to the Jete Society’s annual Dance Party.

The theme this year was ‘UNTAMED’ and it was an event that lived up to it’s name. From the saucy dancers to carnival food that included fried snickers… this party was downright HOT!

The event that benefits the Washington Ballet is co-chaired by Winston Lord and the beautiful Ashley Taylor (pictured right)

Thanks Leigh Macdonald for the pictures and video!

Check out more pictures from the night!

Blowin' it up: Monster floats take Market Street

Move over Macy’s parade.. the Reston is blowin’ it up this year when it comes to the annual holiday street show. Check out the enormous floats that towered over Market Street at Reston Town Center. The annual Reston Holiday Parade happens the day after Thanksgiving. Mix 107.3’s Chilli Amar and Carson did a great job announcing the floats and I was impressed to see so many smiling faces crowding the streets despite the rain. The holidays: everyone must be ready! See more video from the parade on the OMG page at   


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