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Our Fairy Door

My daughter loves fairies. When thdoore weather is nice we actually have gone on walks looking for real fairies. Well if your little one is into the whimsy they’ll probably love the Lil Fairy Door. This is a door that can be put on your wall in a book shelf pretty much any where your fairy likes to get in and out of your house while you’re sleeping. You leave her notes.. and she writes you back. Adora sometimes leaves her gifts.. and she gets surprises sometimes too. The fairy is always watching.. kind of like Elf on the Shelf. She wants to make sure you’re being on your very best behavior. She also has teeny tiny fairy ears .. so when you scream it really hurts. Sometimes I have to remind the kids of that. We got our fairy door here but it took a while to come in because things were back-ordered. Since then I found some cheaper ones with adorable accessories on etsy.



Found these fun accessories at 15Monkeys on Etsy!

fairy letters

fairy mailAdora looking for fairies in 2014

Do you ever scroll through your camera roll for pix and videos you took years ago? I was stuck waiting at a place with no wi-fi (heaven forbid!) so I decided to look at the oldest stuff stored on my phone. That's when I came across this video. It's of Adora 2 years ago on a quest to find real fairies. As time goes by…it's amazing how one can forget little moments, sweet frames of childhood captured on the fly.Thank goodness for that crummy wi-fi.

Posted by Angie Goff on Tuesday, February 2, 2016

On the day you turned 5

I woke up extra early so I could watch you sleep a few minutes longer before heading to work. I have to be honest… I’m a little sad I won’t be there the moment you open your big brown eyes and realize you are FINALLY five! You’ve been waiting for this moment your whole life…so you tell me. I just want to say how much I’ve grown to love you always asking what we’re doing tomorrow even when I doubt I’ll make it through that day. I’ll never forget that time in the car when I tried to hide tears from you but somehow you knew… and without a question offered to fill my bucket. And I will always remember when you threatened to run away this year and I found a picture of you and me holding hands in your getaway bag. The stories could go on but the bottomline is your heart is so big and ours are overflowing because of it. Happy birthday sweet angel. We love you.


This “Frozen” move melts my heart

She couldn’t afford a trip to Disney World so this awesome mom brought the magic to her daughter. Amy Shipp not only surprised her daughter with an Elsa gown.. she got dressed up too. Together they declared Elsa Mom and Daughter day and ventured out to the mall, the Disney store and even a public park to share their magic. Everywhere they went they were adored. Thanks Amy for suiting up and showing us moms the power of love when you let it go.

Baking for good

My daughter’s class with baking cookies for the homeless so happy I got to help. She told me she wants to give them her toys too …so sweet.





Lorena Bobbitt 21 Years Later

I did two stories with Lorena Bobbitt who now lives with her family in Gainesville Virginia. We take a look at the past that made her notoriously famous and the work she’s doing now to help others in the area.

21 Years Later:

Lorena on being a mom, zumba and google:

To be a mother…

I’m still trying to figure that out on a daily basis. All I know is that I’m more happy in my life than ever before. I’m also more tired.. but with that find I have strength I never knew existed. I think all you moms out there can relate.. and just want to say hats off to you. It’s a tough job.. and many of you are doing it while balancing many other aspects of life. Pat yourself on the back— you deserve it. PS: Do it often, you don’t need a day to tell you how much your needed and how much you do. xo

Happy Mother’s day to my incredible and fierce momma CHIN!

Spent this day with my wonderful husband and baby, Adora Kate too.

Pictures with Real Easter Bunny

We finally got them back. Adora’s Easter pictures with little furry Vanilla. It was amazing to see how the bunny calmed her. I have to admit I leading up to the shoot I had recurring scenes in my head of “Of Mice and Men”. Normally Adora hugs her stuffed animals tightly but it’s as if she knew she had to be gentle this time around. Heartsight Photography sets up these shoots every Easter. The photographer Lucia Alami who is also a mom of 5 GIRLS  (brave woman!) began doing them because one of her daughters was too scared of the mall Bunny.

She was shy at first

Nervous energy

Then she reached out

and didn’t let go

She even blew us a kiss… kids have the best way of showing love.

Cooking with baby

I’m cooking again.. well kind of. I admit I bought the Sweet Potato Pie in the box but I hope I can get credit for trying. Everyone keeps telling me now that I have a child I need to learn how to cook. I figured I’d start with something I know Adora would like: something sweet and something potato. I wasn’t surprised when I asked for her assistance and she decided to try it before the baking even began.

baby’s first haircut

I was adamant about waiting 1 year before touching my sweet Adora’s locks. Tomorrow is the big day. Stay tuned for what is yet to come. Sha’ll we go mohawk, bowl cut, layers?



Costume #1 Revealed

Guess Who?

Don’t blink… monkey moves fast

Where’s the bananas?


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