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Less than 48 Hours to Go!

Can you believe it? The election is just 2 days away. I loved how Lester Holt says that it seems like we’ve been watching the longest reality tv show ever. Poll numbers are coming out left and right and the October Surprise .. Sandy seems to have impacted this tight race. We checked in with David Gregory who’s already at NBC Election Headquarters in NYC.

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Talking debates

It’s been a few days since the VP candidates went at it.. has the Biden-Ryan debate impacted the race for President? What can we expect in Round 2 when President Obama and Mitt Romney enter the ring on Tuesday at Hofstra? Meet the Press’ David Gregory joined us in studio with more.

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Middle East Unrest Impacts 2012

On set this Sunday with David Gregory talking about the unrest in the Middle East and it’s impact on 2012.

Mitt Exclusive on MTP

David Gregory is back from Charlotte.. with more on the impact both conventions are making. He also talk about what Mitt Romney reveals in an exclusive interview on Meet the Press. Romney has some interesting thoughts on Democratic heavy weight Bill Clinton who is joining the President on the campaign trail this week.

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David Gregory on Convention Bump and DNC

David Gregory is back from Tampa and sits down to talk about a recent poll that shows Romney got a bump from the RNC. We also look ahead to the DNC and what the President will likely do.

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Will medicare stay a top issue?

Today David Gregory stops by the studio to talk about how nasty the campaign attacks are getting. Will medicare remain a top issue going into the election.

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Hot tips to grow your following online

Want more facebook friends… more twitter followers? Peter Corbett one of the leading social marketing strategists in DC will join me in studio Saturday for our 9AM show. In addition to offering tips to grow your online presence Peter will discuss highlights of the upcoming Social Media Week in DC February 13-17th!

Also on Saturday the adorable husband-wife duo that owns Frosting in Chevy Chase stop by to talk about their new healthy initiative: FIT. FIT is short for Friends in Training. We’re gonna walk you through making an easy and delicious granola bar right at home!

On Sunday as always NBC is your place for politics. Tune in early to our 6AM show.. David Gregory, moderator of Meet the Press will join us to discuss the very latest inĀ  Decision 2012.

David Gregory on South Carolina

New poll numbers show Mitt Romney with a big lead in South Carolina… in a state known for “picking Republican Presidents” can anything stop the GOP frontrunner?

PRESS Pass: Suze Oreman on the Economy

Meet the Press moderator David Gregory joins us in studio with a look ahead of next Saturday.

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David Gregory recaps debate in studio

Meet the Press Moderator David Gregory stopped by the morning show to talk about who gained and lost momentum after Saturday night’s debate in Iowa. A look at how the race for the Republican nomination is shaping up.

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Visiting AU

From David Gregory, Mike O’Meara, Willard Scott to America Ferrera and Giuliana Rancic..many great talents have come out of American University. It was a pleasure to speak with Professor Steve Piacente’s Writing for Communication class. It was a bright bunch with some pretty diverse goals and backgrounds. They asked interesting questions about things I really had to take the time to think about. My best interview? It’s still hard to answer that one. Maybe it’s yet to come.

MORE: Persistancy Pays

Interesting note about Professor Piacente. He was a DC correspondent for the Charleston paper for almost a decade. Related to that, he published a novel titled Bella much of which takes place in South Carolina. Check out the trailer

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